The Adventures of Zooming Zip


A good story is one that tugs at one’s heart…and that is exactly what The Adventures of Zooming Zip does!  Add in the fact that this series is all about the adventures of a pack of rescue dogs and you have a winner.

These gifted pups all have their own stories.  They entertain by day and fight evil by night. Fictional tales are mixed with Christ’s teachings to not only amuse readers, but to also uplift them.. giving hope by way of Spiritual Warfare.

The Adventures of Zooming Zip

“The first book in The Unleashed Series,The Adventures of Zooming Zip, is the tall tale of a small, wayward dog that discovers himself, God, and his true purpose in life. With the help of some unlikely friends, the little dog learns to walk with the Lord and fight for all humankind against Satan and his demons.”

About the Author

Loving husband, lifelong storyteller, and faithful follower of Christ, author B. Daniel FitzgeraldB. Daniel Fitzgerald has written The Unleashed Series to show readers the greatness that God has for them. Fitzgerald’s hope is that his writings will build dreams and visions into the hearts and souls of readers, so they will know that God has created them to do good works.



Fitzgerald tells of his first encounter with Zooming Zip, saying that he immediately knew that he was going to be special. Although a problem child puppy, he knew that Zip was bound for greatness. In 2009, Fitzgerald the homeless little guy at the Los Angeles County Fair.  At the time, he was a stunt dog trainer in The Extreme Canines Stunt Dog Show. Just one hear later, he and Zip returned to the fair with Zip being the lead performer in the show.