The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Knowing If There’s Something Wrong with Your Car


Car ownership is considered essential for those who have a daily commute or live far from shopping venues. With proper maintenance, a car can last for many years and provide reliable service. Knowing the signs to look for when car problems arise is essential. When issues are noticed, seeking prompt repairs will help to ensure the life of the car is not lessened due to damage.

Why Is Prompt Car Repair So Important?

Waiting too long to seek car repairs can lead to serious problems with a vehicle. Telle Tire recommends their customers seek maintenance at least once a year, so problems can be discovered before a full breakdown occurs. The following are some of the most important reasons for seeking prompt repairs.

  • Safety is one of the biggest reasons you should never wait to have your car repaired. Some car issues produce safety problems and could be dangerous. Without the right performance, safety can become a danger.
  • You will likely save money if you have your car repaired right away. Some issues can lead to further problems if the car is driven in a state of disrepair. You can save money by avoiding further damage to your engine components.
  • In some states, inspections must be carried out to renew the registration. If a car is not repaired, it may violate some of the measures put in place by the EPA. If a car cannot pass inspection, it cannot be legally driven.

The above are some of the most important reasons you should promptly repair your car. Waiting too long leads to problems with safety and a greater expense. When car problems are repaired while they remain minor, major damages can be avoided.

Signs Something Is Wrong with Your Car

You do not need to be a professional mechanic to be able to promptly recognize problems with your car. Knowing the warning signs to look for will help you to protect the lifespan of your engine and prevent a breakdown on the side of the road. The following are some of the most common signs that will begin to occur when something is wrong with your car.

  1. If the check engine light is on, this should be a warning that is heeded right away. If the light is flashing, pull over immediately and call a mechanic. If the light stays solid without blinking, schedule an appointment for your engine to be analyzed.
  2. When your car starts stalling, this is a sign that should never be ignored. An engine that is stalling can be caused by many different issues. Stalling engines can become problematic and lead to a full breakdown. When an engine is stalling, it should not be driven until car repairs are carried out.
  3. When the temperature needle starts to rise, this is a dangerous warning. Catastrophic engine damage will occur if you drive your car while it is overheating. When a car is overheating, the gaskets can blow leading to the need for an expensive repair or engine replacement.
  4. Excess smoke coming from the exhaust pipe could mean you have an oil leak that needs prompt attention. Oil is the lifeblood of your car. When your oil level is too low, major engine damage will occur. If your tailpipe is leaving behind a cloud of smoke and you notice a burning smell, pull over right away and call a tow service for repair.
  5. If your car suddenly surges or seems to make strange sounds when the gears are changed, transmission repairs are an imminent need. Transmission repair can become expensive, and the longer the problem continues, the greater the expense becomes.
  6. When steering problems arise, they can be caused by the mechanisms of the steering column, worn tires, or alignment issues. Problems with steering can be extremely dangerous and lead to serious accidents. This is not an issue that can wait.
  7. When engine repairs are needed, it is rare for there to be no warning signs. Strange noises are often noticed before other signs of problems. If an engine suddenly begins making strange noises, it is wise to have it checked by a licensed mechanic. Abnormal engine noises could be a sign of wear and tear, improper fluid levels, or broken or malfunctioning parts.

Proper Maintenance Prolongs the Life of Your Car

A yearly inspection of your engine can reveal a lot about the performance of your car. Tune-ups allow for plug replacement, oil changes, and filter replacement. Taking your car in for once-yearly maintenance can sometimes help you to avoid major car repairs that become expensive.

It is wise for you to learn how to check your car’s fluid levels. Being able to monitor your oil, transmission fluid, and coolant levels will protect your car. It is wise to check your fluid levels at least once a month to ensure there are no problems developing that need immediate attention.

The more you learn about maintaining your car, the better equipped you will be to ensure your car’s performance and lifespan are always protected. From tire pressure to oil levels, knowing what to check and the signs of problems to look for makes you a more responsible car owner.


Purchasing a car is a significant investment, so it is important you do everything you can to protect its performance. While wear and tear will occur, problems become more consistent in cars that are not properly maintained.

A mechanic is an essential professional to have on your team. A licensed mechanic is fully trained to diagnose and take care of any repair issues that may arise with your car. The most important thing is to make sure repairs are carried out promptly, so further damage does not occur.

Simply being aware of the above signs can make a big difference in helping you to know when to seek repairs. If any of the above signs begin to occur, act appropriately and contact your mechanic to schedule a repair appointment. Your car’s lifespan depends on proper care.