Travelers Beware: 7 Common Causes of Hotel Accident Claims

Many people travel expecting to relax, unwind, and see local sights. What many people never expect is to get hurt in their hotel while on vacation. Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured every year while staying in a hotel.

Read below for seven common causes of hotel accident claims. People who are injured, hurt, or those who experience a financial setback due to a hotel experience are not alone. Call for information.

One: Bedbugs

One common reason that people file a claim against a hotel is for the presence of bedbugs. What are bedbugs? Bedbugs are itty bitty reddish-brown bugs that feed off of humans while they sleep. These critters hide in box springs, headboards, and bed frames, waiting for humans to fall asleep.

When they bite people, they leave small itchy blisters. A considerable problem is bedbugs crawl into homes and suitcases and make their way to the homes of those who have stayed in infected hotels. Getting rid of bedbugs is extremely hard and can cost thousands of dollars.

Two: Old Dangerous Furniture

Many hotels try to get their old furniture to last as long as possible. Doing so means that hotel owners do not have to spend money upgrading their furniture. As furniture ages, it can become weak and dangerous. People have been injured due to old hotel furniture. People have reported experiencing sprains, back injuries, and even broken bones.

Three: Swimming Pools

Swimming pools can be a dangerous area, especially considering that most hotels do not have a lifeguard. The swimming pool is one of the most hazardous areas in the hotel. People have reported slipping around the pool, and people drown in hotel pools all the time.

Four: Faulty Thermostat Burns

Believe it or not, faulty thermostats make the list of common causes of hotel accidents. People have experienced both first and second-degree burns from faulty water heater thermostats while using hotel showers. Hotel irons are another area where people have gotten burned due to the temperature setting on the iron not working correctly.

Five: Hotel Assaults

While many people assume that they are safe in their hotel, this is not always true. Criminals consider hotel guests to be easy targets. Criminals hang out in and around hotels and hope to steal valuables and cash from guests. If the hotel does not have proper security, this can leave the hotel guests at risk.

Six: Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is common in hotels. Food poisoning happens when people consume undercooked meat, food that has been left out too long, dirty food, or cross-contaminated foods.Food poisoning is one of the last things people want to experience on their vacations, but it happens frequently.

Seven: Other Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls are common reasons for people to file claims against a hotel. Wet floors, worn carpeting, a bunched rug, and uneven flooring are just a few reasons people trip. All of these tripping hazards and more are commonly seen in hotels.

People go on vacation expecting to have a great time. They do not expect that they, or someone in their party, will get hurt in the hotel. Be proactive by watching out for the seven things listed above. If something does go wrong, contact a lawyer or an attorney to help protect the person’s rights.

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