The First Time Puppy Owner’s Guide to Puppy Safety

So, you’re getting a puppy! This is such an exciting time, and getting to welcome four furry paws into your home is just the beginning of a lifetime full of adventures. Puppies, while cute and adorable and fun and playful, are huge responsibilities and come with a variety of rules to follow to ensure they are safe and healthy at all times.

If you are a first time puppy owner, it is important to get as much information as you can when it comes to your puppy’s health and happiness. Here’s a beginner’s guide to everything you should know about puppy safety.


While it isn’t always recommended, dogs can have some human food in addition to their kibble. But it is important to be incredibly careful with what you give to your animal, because some human foods are exceptionally toxic and can poison them within minutes.

This all has to do with how your dog metabolizes and absorbs food and specific nutrients. Examples of some safe foods include carrots, peanut butter, eggs, cheese (in small quantities), blueberries, popcorn, watermelon, bread, sweet potatoes, apples, chicken, rice, and bananas.

Please refrain from feeding your puppy the following: grapes, raisins, avocados, onions, garlic, macadamia nuts, and chocolate.

The heat

It can be tempting to go and explore outdoors during the summer, but you have to be extra conscious about the temperature. If it feels hot for you, then your dog will be suffering as well because of their heavy coat. So make sure to give them ample cold water and cool shade to lie in.

Steer clear of going outside especially if you have to walk on pavement. As a simple rule, if the asphalt is too hot for you to put your barefoot on, then it is too hot for your dog’s delicate paws, and it can harm them.

The car

Some dogs love to go on car rides, and some would prefer to never go near a car. But even if they aren’t a big fan of a car ride, they’ll have to get in a car eventually to go places like the vet or travel with you on a vacation.

It is important to keep your dog secure in the car, as they can be both a hazard to you and to themselves if they are moving around when you’re driving. To bypass this, invest in a dog car seat to keep them secure and safe at all times. A car seat creates a feeling of being secure and grounded in a moving vehicle, which can help to cut down on nausea.

Preventing illness

Just like humans need annual doctor’s visits, dogs need to go to the vet at least once a year for a checkup and to prevent any illnesses. But since your dog cannot speak for themselves when it comes to their health, it is your job to keep a watchful eye on your dog so you can notice as soon as possible if something is amiss.

It is a good idea to give your pup a health check once a month. Look at their eyes, mouth, ears, and the lymph nodes around their face, skin and coat. Also check to see if their stool is normal. If anything looks “off” or makes you question if it is normal, do not hesitate to contact your vet as soon as possible for a quick checkup.

As long as you keep these safety concerns at the top of your mind, your puppy is set to live a wonderful, healthy life.

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