The Greatest Gift of Life: 5 Ways to Strengthen the Bond of Friendship


From your list of friends, there’s that one friend who has stuck by you through and through and never, even on a single day, has he ignored your cries. Yes – the kind of friend who you can comfortably lean on, trusting that he’s got your back. A ‘ride or die’ friend whose attachment you treasure with all your life!

True friendship is like a precious gem – it’s rare to find, and you will only tell its real worth once you have felt it. If you have one real BFF, then it’s upon you to keep them by your side and keep the bond stronger. You’ve got to ensure that it lasts a lifetime and grows robust enough to defy whatever punches that threaten to break it.

Here are five simple ways of keeping your bond flame of friendship lit:

  1. Celebrate them with gifts and surprises once in a while

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your favorite girl’s birthday or his biggest day, just let her feel treasured. You can choose a random gift out there in the streets, sponsor a coffee date or perhaps throw a surprise party. Better yet, the online has a lot of gift ideas and an ideal way to learn more about how to choose one.

  1. Make your friendship a priority

Most of the friendships die, not because the friends are no longer excited by the kind of jokes, gossip, and similarities they share, but because of not being conscious of the bond itself. If you wouldn’t prefer yours to go down that route, never get too busy to forget to keep in touch with your gang.

Always be aware of the emotional attachment and strive to maintain it, even when your friend is occupied to some other chores. And it can be anything from making a call or physically meeting for a casual one laugh. Being in touch is the key ingredient of strong and successful friendships!

  1. Make your friend’s life better

The best way to prove that you are a real friend is when you bail your friend out of a difficult situation. But sometimes, all it takes it a sharp mind and tact to tell that your friend is truly in need.

Make him or her feel safe having you by extending your unequivocal support even when you haven’t been asked to do so. It depends; you can mentally, financially or physically assist or even be there until they feel okay. Such moments are the best to not only offer a hand, but also prove that you are indeed a true and dependable friend.

  1. Spend time more frequently with your friend

This is a no-brainer – the more you spend quality time together the stronger the bond becomes. One simple way of doing this basically is by meeting regularly, gossiping or laughing to your jokes and pretty much being around each other. Being busy doesn’t have to be an excuse for not spending time because as a friend, you will still find some time out of your busy schedule to meet, even if it’s for an hour in a day.

  1. Warm up to your friend’s dreams

Another practical way of strengthening your friendship is when you encourage your friend to dream big. In life, many are quick pulling others down or shooting down their aspirations. However, knowing that your friend’s win is your win, nothing should possibly stop you from encouraging them. Always express passion and the urge to see the friend succeed by offering valuable advice, material assistance, and any psychological aid.