The Process of an Arrest

The process of getting arrested is never an easy one. This is one of the most stressful events that someone could possibly undergo. The good news is that the vast majority of people who are arrested will be granted something called bail. When it comes to posting bail, it is helpful to work with professionals such as Sullivan County bail bonds. The first few hours following an arrest can be challenging for people to deal with. There are a few important points in this process that people need to know.

Getting Booked Into the Jail

The first part of getting arrested involves a process that is commonly known as getting booked. There are a few steps that are going to unfold. First, the defendant will be transported to the local jail. It could either be run by the city of the county. There, the defendant will be fingerprinted, have a mugshot taken, and could have his or her DNA taken depending on the charges. After this, the defendant will be taken to a jail holding cell. This is where the defendant will wait until the bond hearing.

The Bond Hearing Comes Next

The next step involves something known as a bond hearing. Usually, there are two bond hearings during the course of the day. The bond hearing is run by a judge. At this hearing, each defendant will go before the judge to have his or her bond set. The judge is going to listen to the charges and might hear from a local district attorney (if one is present) as well as the defense attorney (assuming the defendant has hired one). The judge will take their arguments into account along with the charges, the assets of the defendant, where the defendant lives, and his or her prior criminal record. Then, a bond will be set.

The Process of Posting Bond

After the bond hearing has been completed, the defendant will need to post bond. While it is possible for the defendant to post bond on his or her own, this is not advisable because this process can take longer, particularly with limited communication to the outside world given the state of a jail. It is helpful to enlist the help of people who have been there and done that, meaning bail bondsmen. A bail bondsman often has connections throughout the judicial system and can help someone get released from jail quickly.

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