Tips for Beating the Summer Heat


Hot weather can be tough on your body and sometimes it feels impossible to get comfortable in the heat. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, it’s impossible to escape the effects of a heatwave. Whether it’s the extra sweat, dehydration, or occasional sunburn, there’s plenty about the summer sun that can get you down. Don’t let the heat keep you hiding inside, though. Follow these five tips to beat the heat this summer.

1. Drink Plenty of Water.

Staying hydrated is always important, but it’s doubly so when the temperature is high. Ensuring you’re drinking enough water is incredibly important. The CDC suggests thinking about your body like an air conditioner. When your body heats up, your internal air conditioner turns on and you start to sweat. In this metaphor, your sweat is like coolant, and it needs to be replenished with H2O. Health experts recommend the 8 by 8 rule, drink eight 8-ounce glasses of fluid a day.

2. Get a Fan.

You might even want to get two! Whether you’re at home or outside, a fan is a game-changer in the heat. A small portable model can be a life-saver on a sweltering day when you’re running errands. A window fan, ceiling fan, or standing fan at home can help keep your house cool in the summer, too. Double-check that your fan is working before summer arrives so you have time to get it fixed if you need to. You can find a local business like this Fort Lauderdale AC repair service. The last thing you want is to wait until it’s 90 degrees to find out your A/C doesn’t work.

3. Prevent Excessive Sweat.

There are plenty of tips and tricks for dealing with excessive sweat issues. Keeping your skin healthy is essential year-round, but especially in seasons that are hard on your skin. If you’re looking for men’s skincare, you can find plenty of options at One simple trick you can try is putting on deodorant the night before you’re planning on being outside in the heat. You should also ensure you’re wearing fabrics that are breathable, like cotton, instead of harsh or restrictive ones that will trap heat in.

4. Use a Wet Sheet or Cloth.

Not only is sleeping in the heat uncomfortable, but it can also prevent you from getting a good night’s rest. If you don’t have a fan or don’t want to keep it on all night, you can use a damp sheet to sleep on or use as a blanket to keep cool. Make sure the sheet is just damp, not soaking wet. If you’re looking to save money on your electric bill without having to sweat all night in the heat, a thin, damp sheet on top of your mattress can make a big difference.

5. Find Your Body’s Cooling Points.

There are specific spots on your body that act as pulse points for temperature control. These are places like your wrists, neck, and forehead. Apply ice or any other cold object to those points, you’ll start to cool down quickly. Even if all you have on hand is a cold drink or some ice cubes to wrap in a towel, hold anything against one of your body’s cooling points for some fast relief.

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to start preparing for the weather to change. That means making sure your air conditioner is in good working order, so you can call a service to have it repaired (like this AC repair in Coral Springs) before the temperature starts to climb. If you tend to sweat too much, see if you can make changes to your wardrobe and your routine to alleviate your discomfort. If you stay hydrated and focus on keeping your body cool, you’ll make it through the dog days of summer.