The Ultimate Guide To Landing That Dream Job


It can be a difficult time when you are searching for a new job. Nobody enjoys being out of work for very long. It can be a worrying and drawn-out process. However, there are some ways in which you can make the whole thing a lot quicker and easier. If you are someone who knows exactly what you want, then you are in a much better position much of the time. Not only can you focus all of your efforts on that one thing, but you are also in a better position to sell yourself. It means that you can find out exactly what is required of you, and go for it with everything you have. Of course, there is also a greater possibility of disappointment when you have a dream job. However, that is not to say that it is not worth it – it usually is. If you have a dream job and you are wondering how to go about getting it, then have a read through this. In the guide, we will go through the entire job search process step by step. If you are curious as to how to achieve any particular part of the journey, you will hopefully find your answers here. Just remember the golden rule when it comes to looking for work – persistence. As long as you have that, you can get whatever you want. Without further ado, let’s take a look at just how to go about getting that dream job.

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Carry Out Your Research

This first step is something which the majority of people do not do – and yet it is so essential. Of course, the good news about very few people doing it is that if you do it, you will be a step above the rest. When you are looking for work, it is a very good idea to carry out some extensive research to help you on your job hunting journey. This is even more important when you are looking for a specific dream job. But what is the nature of the research which you need to be conducting?

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First of all, it is helpful to get to know the industry as well as you can. No matter what area you want to get into, knowing the industry will put you in a good position from the outset. This is often a simple matter of gradually getting yourself involved in that field. Do your best to meet as many people as you can in your chosen field. Talk to them, and you will probably learn a great deal. This is often the best way to learn about something, much better than using the Internet. Talking to real people will give you insights which you just can’t get any other way.

As well as knowing more about the industry, it is essential that you look into information about the specific role which you seek. No matter what it is, you should take care to find out as much about it as you can. You should look for information on what is usually required to land that job. If there are certain qualifications, for example, then it is vital that you get them. This should be considered an essential step on the way to getting your dream job. The more research you carry out, the better off you will be in the long run. Once you feel that you have learned everything there is to know, it is time to move on to the next step.

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Work On Yourself

This step is surprisingly important, given how little attention it is often given. However, it should go without saying that you need to work on yourself before you apply for these jobs. After all, that is how you will actually get to the point where people want to hire you. Part of this process is knowing what it is that people are looking for. We partly covered this in the last section. However, it also goes far beyond that. As well as matching up to specific requirements, you should also work on more generic skills and attributes. We are talking here about the kinds of things which tend to impress all or most employers. That is what makes this such an important part of your job search journey.

One of the main skills you need to learn is how to present yourself confidently to a stranger. This will be essential if you get called in for an interview (see next section), but it is also just a good life skill to develop at any time. The thing to remember with confidence is that it is not something you either have or don’t. Rather, it is a skill which can and should be learned. As with any skill, it takes some time and patience to get good at it. But that is why the rewards are so huge. If you are someone who is lacking in self-esteem, then try to gradually increase your confidence levels. You can do this by starting off small, and slowly proving to yourself that you are capable of things outside of your comfort zone. This is how you prove to yourself that you are able to be confident.

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However, it is not just about confidence. It is just as important that you work on any skills which might look good on your resume. It is around this time that you should also be working on improving your resume. Doing so is a vital part of the process in looking for a job. You really can’t avoid this aspect of the journey. Once you have your resume down, it is time to start preparing for the interview stage.

Preparing For Interview

With any luck, you won’t need to apply for many jobs before you are called in for an interview. The majority of people who go for interviews find them to be pretty scary. This is perfectly natural. After all, there aren’t many occasions in life when you are put into such an intimidating situation. However, with a little preparation, there is no reason that they can’t be enjoyable. If you are called for an interview, the first thing is to prepare by researching that specific company. It is a good sign if you are able to ask questions about the business which applies to them specifically. It shows that you really care about their company, and this is likely to impress them. However, preparing for an interview goes far beyond this.

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Partially, it is all about what we discussed in the previous section. Working on your confidence is definitely important for succeeding at the interview stage. However, that is not al. It is also vital that you work on your appearance. This doesn’t mean that you personally have to look a particular way, of course. It just means that you know how to be presentable for an interview situation. You should always be sure to dress appropriately for the interview. You of course want to be smart, but how smart depends on the type of work you are applying for. Really, this is mostly down to using your own initiative to work out how smartly you should dress. However, get it right, and you are likely to impress your potential employer.

If you succeed at the interview stage, you are well on your way to getting your dream job. Even if you don’t land this particular one, you will still have learned some valuable experience. It is likely that you will soon find yourself in your dream job.

The Follow-Up

The period of time after an interview can be one of the most tortuous that you ever experience. The truth is, that waiting period is often worse than the interview itself. However, it is a good idea to busy yourself by continuing to apply for other jobs and go to other interviews. It is also wise to start preparing for the potential follow-up. This can come in many forms, and no two places do it quite the same. However, there are certain things which tend to be relatively common to all. It is often standard to be tested for drugs, for example. These are not always accurate, and don’t always just test illicit drugs. So it might be worthwhile learning how to pass a hair drug test, just in case.

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There is also the chance that you will be called back for a second interview. If this happens, it is important to remember not to repeat yourself too much. It is likely that they kept notes from the last interview, so you need to be original if possible. The way to do this is by carrying out even more thorough research than before. Also be sure to ask more detailed questions about the job role this time around.

With any luck, at this point they will tell you whether or not you have the job. However, it might still be the case that you have to wait a little longer. With some roles, a third interview might even be on the cards. No matter what happens here, it is likely that before long you will land that dream job of yours. And that will be cause for celebration.