What to Check for Before Buying Your Perfect Solitaire Diamond Ring in Gold


Irrespective of age and gender, since the very beginning of time, people have been intrigued and drawn towards beautiful and rare objects. This is what makes diamonds one of the most expensive stones in the world. While there are diamonds that one can buy according to his spending limit, certain types of diamonds simply mesmerize the viewer and beckon him to have it in his grasp. These diamonds are mainly naturally colored diamonds that are probably the most famous and the most expensive diamonds in the world.

Keeping the beauty of these diamonds in mind, there are certain aspects of diamond purchase that one should keep in mind while purchasing the perfect diamond for the perfect solitaire ring:

  1. Color:

While most people think that all colorless diamonds exhibit grace and elegance along with obvious beauty, this is not true. The magnificence of the diamond lies in its cut as well. Hence it is absolutely necessary to make sure that the diamond chosen is well cut.

  1. Certification:

Falling in love with your perfect diamond doesn’t mean that you would pay the price blindly. One should always look for certification from a reputed lab before purchasing their diamond as it shows the true quality and purity of the diamond. The certificate also mentions the characteristics of that particular diamond.

  1. Ring Settings:

The settings for the ring vary with the diamond chosen. For high color graded diamonds, platinum or white gold mounts seem to be the perfect choice while for diamonds with low color grades, yellow gold mounts seem to be the right choice. Overall, the diamond needs to be the show stealer and for that the settings of the ring are very important.

  1. Clarity:

Another aspect while purchasing the perfect diamond includes checking the clarity of the diamond you want on your ring. The clarity of the diamond depends on the blemishes in the diamond. Naturally, the lesser the blemishes and imperfections, the more the clarity of the diamond will be. The diamonds with highest clarity are called Flawless diamonds and needless to say these are much more expensive. But if you want your solitaire diamond ring designs to be perfect, then buying one with better clarity would be the right choice.

  1. Watch out for Cubic Zirconia:

Cubic Zirconia is often used as a good substitute for real diamonds as they are cheap and look the same to the untrained eye. However, while a real diamond will last forever, these substitutes lose their charm and beauty in the long run. So the decision falls on the customer as to what he or she wishes to choose to adorn their hands.

While anything with a diamond looks gorgeous, there are certain aspects as explained above that one should always keep in mind at all times while buying the perfect diamond. Every purchase should be worth your while so choosing the perfect one by doing the necessary research beforehand is always the way to go.