Is Your Miracle Diet Actually Doing More Harm Than Good?


You’re losing weight every week, and your clothes feel baggy. You may think that is a surefire sign of success, but could your miracle diet be doing more harm than good?

The key to healthy dieting

It’s that time of year again when we start shopping for bikinis, and our Instagram feeds are filled with scantily clad celebrities soaking up the rays on tropical beaches. The imminent arrival of sun-drenched days is enough to catapult most of us to the gym, but it also gets us thinking about our diet. There’s often a desire to get results as quickly as possible when it comes to summer diets, and this can be harmful. Just because you’re losing weight, this doesn’t mean that you’re healthy.

Healthy dieting is all about trimming down at the same time as ensuring your body is getting everything it needs. It may mean that you buy slightly different ingredients when you go to the store, you stop snacking on sugary treats or you spend more time in the kitchen than normal. What it shouldn’t mean is trying to survive on the lowest number of calories possible. You may lose weight rapidly by doing this, but it will only ever be a short-term response, and your health will deteriorate.

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Adopting caution with miracle weight loss cures

Have you been advised to try a new diet that has helped a friend drop 6 kilos in the first two weeks? Have you read articles about new weight loss systems that are the next big thing in Hollywood? Have banners that say do not buy another weight loss shake until you try ideal shape shakes caught your eye? There are a lot of effective weight loss treatments and therapies out there, and for some people, swapping meals for shakes can be really effective. If you don’t have time to cook nutritious meals, and you can grab a shake on the go that gives you all the nutrients you need, then this may be a godsend for you. Just make sure you read the ingredients properly, and check with your doctor if you’re unsure about whether or not a product is good for you. There is no universal cure for being overweight other than maintaining a healthy diet and a regular exercise regime, so be careful when you read reviews. What works for one person may not necessarily work for you.

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Avoiding the scale

When we’re trying to slim down, it can be very easy to become obsessed with the numbers on the scale. The worry is that weighing yourself can disguise what’s really going on in your body. If you’re exercising regularly, for example, you may actually find that you put weight on, but this isn’t a bad thing. Muscle is denser than fat, and when you convert fat into muscle, this can result in weight gain. Try and measure your results by how you feel and what your body looks like.

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If you’re investigating miracle weight loss remedies in a bid to achieve the perfect summer body, proceed with caution. Try and make sure that you put your health, rather than the numbers on the scale, first.