10 Small Changes That Will Make Your Life Greener

Going green doesn’t have to mean making big, dramatic changes to your life all at once. Instead, you can start taking baby steps to live a cleaner, more eco-friendly lifestyle. Connect Electric Melbourne wants to share 10 easy things that you can do to begin reducing your impact on the planet.

  • Plant a Garden of Native Species – Native plants are easier to maintain and friendlier for local wildlife. Planting them around your home is good for the environment. You can also plant larger shrubs and trees to serve as a privacy screen or to cast a shadow on your home to help keep it cool inside.


  • Lower the Water Heater Temperature – Lower your water heater temperature at least a few degrees to save on energy consumption. Water that’s over 120 degrees F can increase hard water mineral sediment, which can shorten the life of your tank.


  • Install Outdoor Solar Lights – Solar lights are easy to install and can make your lawn look amazing after dark. They are equipped with cells that gather sunlight and power the bulb at night, all without consuming electricity from the grid. Outdoor lighting also makes your home safer.


  • Install a Programmable Thermostat – If you don’t have one yet, install a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to automatically control temperatures even if you are sleeping or not at home. Set the temperature to go lower at night and while you are away to save energy.


  • Only Wash Full Loads – Only run appliances when they have full loads. This will reduce the number of loads you have to do each week and cut both your water and electricity bills.


  • Turn Off All Unused Lights – If you aren’t using a room, turn off the lights. It’s helpful to have smaller lamps that you can turn on instead of larger light fixtures with more bulbs. This allows you to control the level of lighting and comfort while consuming less energy.


  • Transition to LED Bulbs – LED bulbs are superior to incandescents when it comes to longevity and efficiency. The initial cost may be higher, but you will have to buy fewer replacements. That means less waste goes to landfills and you spend less on lights in the long term. They are also up to 90% more efficient, which lowers daily electricity use.


  • Pack Reusable Grocery Bags – Pack reusable shopping bags in your vehicle, purse, or anywhere that’s convenient and use them instead of plastic bags. Plastic is a big problem for the environment. An estimated 8 million tons of plastic waste makes its way into our oceans annually.


  • Switch to a Reusable Water Bottle – Another way to reduce plastic trash in the environment is to stop buying bottled water and instead get a reusable water bottle. You can carry water with you and wash and reuse the container.


  • Cut Your Shower Time Down – Keep your shower time to a minimum to lower energy consumption. Shorten the time you are in the tub and turn the water off while shampooing and soaping up.

Connect Electric is available to help you find ways to conserve with smarter technology and renewable energy. Contact us today to learn more about living greener.

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  2. 1. Start small – make a few small changes to your lifestyle that can have a big impact.
    2. Be more environmentally conscious – take small steps to reduce your environmental impact and help the planet.
    3. Make time for yourself – find ways to squeeze in some time for yourself that you haven’t been able to do before. Best Home Builders Brisbane>

  3. 1. Add plants to any backyard or porch.
    2. Choose plants that are lowmaintenance and easy to care for.
    3. Try to grow your own vegetables or fruits.
    4. Swap out fluorescent light bulbs for light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in your home.
    5. Use natural building materials such as cedar boards, clapboards, and straw bales to build your home.
    6. Cut down on energy needs by using inefficient appliances and turning off lights when you’re not using them. custom built homes melbourne

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