3 psychology tricks to offer discount codes on your checkout page


Whether consumers chose to buy a product or not is generally a matter of minor psychological triggers. You may have a great website but if it is not set up appropriately, you will struggle.

However, before you part with your hard-earned cash to pay marketing consultant or do a website overhaul, there is one simple solution that you can opt for: making subtle psychological changes to influence your target audience or website visitors.

Online consumers have become accustomed to shopping in particular ways, and given the high volume of sales pitches that they receive on a daily basis, filtering the noise can be quite daunting. This gives a distinct advantage to any business that can understand how customers interact with a checkout page.

Consequently, you should strive to look for the subtle changes that you can make to boost your checkout page fulfillment. Doing so is easy and the impacts are straight-forward to measure. For instance, you can split-test different versions of discount codes to see which performs better.

Here are further tricks that you can leverage when offering discount codes on your checkout page:

  1. Add Discount codes on your checkout page

Past studies indicate that 27 percent of customers tend to abandon carts to look for discount and promo codes. To ensure that this doesn’t happen on your check out page, consider adding a current discount code that works. Another way to lure your customers to use discount codes is to re-direct them to your shop’s discount voucher page. This will reduce chances of losing your potential customers mid away and will go a long way in helping them stay on your page for long.

  1. Leverage the power of scarcity

You can always use scarcity to create a buying agency. The human mind is tuned to opt for things that might run out of stock soon. In fact, a wide range of studies have proven that adding discount codes can further help you convince more customers to make purchases. You can create a sense of urgency by telling your visitors that the stock will only last for a few days.

  1. Provide limited time free shipping

Free shipping is one of the secrets of e-commerce promotions that have always worked. Let’s be sincere; who will turn down merchandise that comes without transportation costs? However, to get the most out of this great promotion trick, you should offer it for a limited period. Your goal should be to create a sense of urgency among your potential customers for buying the discount code. Without a sense of urgency, most of them will keep postponing their buying decisions. To ensure that this psychological trick works perfectly, strive to also put the offer on your check out page and urge them to act immediately or the time will run out.

Final Thoughts

Once you start getting results with the above-highlighted tricks, endeavor to improvise and scale-up by integrating newer tricks that will enable you to lure more customers into completing their purchases on your check out page. Remember that selling psychology is always intriguing and your success will trigger you to come up with more innovative psychological secrets.