4 Unhealthy Habits You Can’t Eat Your Way Out Of


When you think of unhealthy eating habits, you probably grimace a little and think about how you were chomping away on a big bag of Kettle Chips last night while binge watching Pretty Little Liars on the sofa. Yeah, this isn’t ideal. It isn’t as good for you as eating a banana. But it also isn’t going to cause you too much harm. It’s only when this action becomes a habit that you need to worry. But breaking out of bad eating habits requires you to know what your bad habits are first.

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We have come up with a list of the worst so that you can start breaking them and start living that little bit more healthily.

Starting Your Day Wrong

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This has been said so many times by some many people that no one can claim they’ve never heard this. Yet so many people get it wrong still. One of the worst things you can do is start with an unhealthy breakfast. Choosing the wrong cereal is bad because there is trisodium phosphate in cereal | stoppoisoningus.org. White bread is another because it has almost no nutritional value and leaves you feeling bloated. The other worst thing you can do is skip breakfast altogether.

Bad Binging

Another dreadful habit to get into is binge eating or eating large quantities of food in one go. If you aren’t sure exactly what constitutes binge eating then look at eatingrecoverycenter.com. What is important to know is, a lot of the time, people binge eat without even realizing. They accidentally skip a meal and then compensate by eating way too much at the next. We have also let restaurant culture slip into our home lives by eating large portions and eating well beyond the point of fullness. This is just not good for our bodies. It is very very bad indeed.

Eating Because You’re Unhappy

There are a few different names for this. Emotional eating, stress eating, sad eating. Loads. Whatever you call it, though, please realize it is a seriously unhealthy habit. The reason it is bad is that your emotions are encouraging you to eat even though you aren’t hungry. Think about the last time you were stressed. It was probably at work and you probably found yourself snacking on sweets or chocolate as a result instead of giving your body what it needs. This is almost natural because it is a habit we so easily fall into, a reaction of sorts. What you need to do is find a way to change your reaction to stress.

Late Night Chowing

Look, it is absolutely fine to indulge in some late night snacking once in awhile. This isn’t going to do you any harm. What is going to do you some harm, maybe even serious harm, is eating a plate of cookies and two sharing bars of chocolate each night before bed. Not only will you be on the fast track to a sizable weight gain, you are also going to suffer from a bad night’s sleep, which will speed up your weight gain even more. Your body just doesn’t digest food as well at night as it does first thing in the morning.