Welcoming An Elderly Relative Into Your Home

There are various reasons why you might choose to welcome an elderly relative into your home, rather than putting them into care. First, there is research that suggests care homes can cause the deterioration of the mental and physical health of elderly patients more rapidly than when they are living at home. It’s also an opportunity to give something back to someone who gave you so much. And it ensures that you still see your parent which is never a guarantee with a care home. In a care home, it’s quite possible for an elderly parent to be completely forgotten about and barely seen even once a month. But, if you are welcoming an elderly parent into your home, there are some things to consider.

Do They Have Special Needs?

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Some elderly parents will be suffering from both mental and physical conditions. For instance, by the time you reach 75, there is an 80 percent chance that you will develop some form of dementia. Dementia patients are constantly confused and often live more in the past than the present. As such, it can be very difficult for people around them to deal with. But, if you have the right coping mechanisms in place, it can be easier. For instance, you can put labels around the home to help them remember where things are and perhaps more importantly, what they are. For instance, you should think about labeling the cutlery draw and where the plates are. This will help an elderly relative gain independence.

Of course, you also need to consider medical needs. Don’t forget that in a care home, an elderly relative would have all the medical equipment they need. As such, you need to make sure that your home also has the relative equipment and medication. Some elderly people suffer from conditions that leave their blood with low levels of oxygen. If that’s the case, you need to think about getting an oxygen concentrator. You can find an oxygen concentrator for sale from a store specializing in supplies for the elderly.

Creating Their Own Space

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If you are thinking about living with an elderly relative, you need to make sure that they still have their own space and freedom. They should not feel like a guest in your home but rather part of the family. This is important for their mental wellbeing as well as the social functions of the family unit. If the relative feels like they are just a house guest, they will never be truly happy living with you, and there will be tension.

Make sure you set up a room for them with everything they need from entertainment such as TV to places to relax. By doing this, you can provide them with the same level of comfort and privacy they would get in a care center.

Becoming A Carer

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Finally, you have to realize that when you let an elderly relative stay with you in your home, you do, at least partially take on the role of the carer. You must make sure that you are prepared for the challenges of this and are ready to deal with the tribulations. The whole relationship shifts but if you are patient and understanding, it can be worth it.

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