5 Totally Legit Reasons to Indulge in a Pedicure


You buy expensive face creams and try exotic skin treatments, spend tons of money on hair products and stylists, and your nails are subjected to full-scale manicures every few weeks. But what have you done lately for your feet? Yes, your feet!

You just can’t take your two hard-working feet and those 10 fabulous toes for granted. With 26 bones, 107 ligaments, 33 joints, 19 muscles, and nearly 8,000 nerves each, your surprisingly complex feet are literally the foundation of your body, taking you wherever you need to go no matter what sort of shoes you shove them into. Every now and then, they deserve some love and attention. But if you’re finding it hard to justify showing your tootsies a little TLC, here are five completely rational and legitimate reasons to indulge in a pedicure every few months — or at the very least a couple of times a year.

Pedicures keep your feet healthy

Aah…just imagine that first moment you dip your toe into the delightfully warm, swirling foot bath at the spa. Slowly, you ease in the rest of your foot, then the other, then sit back in the massage chair as your technician takes over. It seems kind of decadent, right? But a full professional pedicure is actually very beneficial for the health of your feet. Proper nail trimming can actually decrease the probability of painful ingrown toenails, and a thorough cleaning under your nails remove dangerous debris that you probably can’t see. And that wonderful finale when your technician massages your feet, ankles, and legs? That’s actually improving your circulation.

Pedicures relieve overworked feet

Running marathons, working as a server or stylist, or even taking dance lessons can wreak havoc on your feet. Repetitive pounding, long-term pressure, and constant movement can all harm your feet, causing calluses, soreness, broken nails, and rough spots. In addition to the sigh-inducing foot massage your pedicure technician will provide, he or she will shape up your nails and carefully smooth out those calluses and rough patches.

Pedicures can identify foot issues

Although pedicures can’t heal or repair serious foot issues, they can help you identify them. For example, while removing old nail polish, your technician may notice discoloration or spots on your nails that could indicate a fungus. The doctors at Podiatry Inc., a podiatrist in Mentor, OH, explain that toenail fungus occurs when microscopic fungi enter the toenail through an injury and is spread because of the warmth and moisture trapped in socks and shoes. If your pedicure uncovers this condition, it’s best to seek professional podiatric treatment.

Pedicures can give you to better skin

If your feet are ticklish (thanks in part to those 8,000 nerve endings), the portion of a pedicure when your technician scrubs the bottoms of your feet can be excruciatingly enjoyable. Of course, it’s well worth a little bit of goofy, giggly discomfort to achieve those incredibly soft and supple soles. Plus, the rich lotion your technician massages into your feet actually helps you to maintain your skin’s proper moisture balance.

Pedicures are just plain relaxing

Although the first four reasons to treat yourself to a pedicure are pretty compelling, perhaps the best reason is that it’s just such a relaxing experience. The combination of the comfy massage chair, warm foot bath, kneading and massaging, and gentle, methodic work on your toes releases tension throughout your body and lulls you into a heavenly state of serenity and a 30-minute escape from the day’s stressors.

Still not convinced? Why not hint to your friends and family that a gift certificate for a pedicure for Christmas would be much appreciated? That way you can try it out for yourself without “footing” the bill!