5 Vital Products Every Pet Owner Needs to Think About


Owning a pet is a big responsibility. While there are many products on the market today that truly aren’t necessary, certain items need to be purchased by every pet owner to keep the animal happy, safe, and healthy. Following are five vital pet products that every owner should obtain before getting a new pet or immediately after they become a part of the family.

A Collar With Name Tag

Animals escape even when their owners do everything possible to keep them contained. For this reason, every pet owner needs to purchase a collar with a name tag for their companion. This ensures the animal is returned to his or her family following an adventure of this type. The cost for these items is negligible, yet they provide a family with peace of mind which is priceless. While 85 percent of animals are reunited with their owner, nobody wants to find their animal is in the 15 percent that isn’t, and these numbers are from 2012. This figure may have risen in the past seven years.


Disposable diapers are one option for pet owners, but they are not the best for the planet. For this reason, many owners are opting for female or male dog diapers that can be used and washed. Not only does this benefit the planet, but pet owners find they save money by going this route. With many styles to choose from, finding one that is right for your pet has never been easier.

Food and Water Bowls

Anyone who owns a dog knows how excited they can get at feeding time. Even many cats will run for the bowl like they haven’t seen food in a week. Don’t make the mistake of simply grabbing a bowl from the cabinet to feed your pets, as a giant mess may occur when they crash into the bowls in their eagerness to eat. Invest in high-quality bowls designed especially for this purpose and make life easier for all.

Pet Insurance

The American Pet Products Association reported in 2017 pet owners would spend approximately $16.6 billion at the vet that year. A vet bill can quickly decimate an owner’s budget, but animals need health care just as their human family does. A way to minimize the high cost of caring for a pet is to invest in insurance that covers many of these expenses. While it may seem an unnecessary item when a person first brings their new companion home, it pays for itself as the animal ages and health costs increase. For this reason, no family should be without.


While this may not appear to be an essential product, nobody wants to leave their pet behind in the event of an emergency. However, natural disasters do happen and a person may find they are being evacuated from their home as a result of a local incident. With the help of a carrier, the individual can take his or her pet along to ensure their safety also.

These are only a few of the many items an owner may purchase for his or her pet. Numerous others are available today, and the owner must decide what he or she feels will be of most benefit to the animal. However, the above items are of great help to those who have purchased them, thus they should be considered by anyone looking to bring a new friend into the home.