7 Of The Best Things You Can Do For A Healthy Family


Who doesn’t want to sleep peacefully at night knowing that their family is happy and healthy in every way? You can feed your children healthy foods and let them watch what they like on the TV, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to be a picture of good health and happiness. If this is what you want, read on for 7 of the best things you can do:


Set A Good Example

Setting a good example for your family is absolutely crucial. You can tell them to do/not to do something all you like, but if you’re not doing it yourself, they are not going to do it either. The term ‘monkey see, monkey do’ is relevant here. If you’re a smoker, chances are, your child will at least try smoking at some point. It isn’t the same for everybody, but the stats are there to back this up. If you eat junk food, this is likely the food your kids will reach for too. If you want a healthy family, you need to make sure you’re doing the things you want them to do. That means quitting your bad habits and aiming to live a much healthier life.


Eat Dinner Together

Eating dinner together might not sound like a big deal. How could this possibly make your family any healthier? It can, and the facts are there to prove it. Here are just some of the benefits of making sure you eat dinner as a family:

  • You create the perfect setting for trying new foods and vegetables.
  • You can better control portion sizes when compared to eating out.
  • Eating a family dinner together at least 5 times a week lowers a teen’s risk of smoking, drinking, and using drugs.
  • Children who eat dinner with their family are more likely to do well in school.


So not only can you help your kids to love healthy foods and healthy portions this way, you can ensure they are healthier and happier in the long run too.




Make Sure You’re All Protected

Making sure you’re all protected with the right resources is a must if you want peace of mind. Your home should be equipped with alarms and items to help you in case of an emergency. You should also ensure you have a reputable insurance coverage such as Humana coverage to protect you should you need it. When you have people depending on you, such as your children, insurance is a must.


Find Ways To Manage Your Stress And Happiness

Looking after yourself properly means you won’t be trying to pour from an empty cup, so to speak. This is why ensuring you are able to manage your stress and happiness is so important. Many parents don’t realize that when they are stressed at home, it rubs off on their kids. You may think it’s an invisible problem, but it can actually be terribly dangerous! Stress and anxiety are horrible to have to live with, and you could be passing these burdens on to your children.


If you can’t help feeling stressed, then calmly explain to your children that it’s tough at work and that you’ll get through it. This can stop them from worrying about you too much and thinking that it’s their job to make you feel better.


Ways to manage your stress and happiness can vary from person to person, but do your best to avoid things like smoking and alcohol. Instead, try meditation and other relaxation techniques that have been proven to work and have long term benefits.


Get Some Exercise Together

Families who exercise together bond, and often, it feels more like fun than exercise! Making sure you get just 20 minutes per day is nothing in the grand scheme of things, but it will make a huge difference to your overall health and mood. If you can make exercise more like play-time, it’ll have even more beneficial effects.




Create And Uphold Boundaries

Kids will be much happier when they know what is expected of them and you’re consistent with it.  Make sure they know and understand family rules. Kids may complain that they want more freedom, but actually being free to do what they like when they like may frighten them.


Tuck Your Kids In

Bedtime is when your kids are more likely to open up to you. Tucking them in is a great way to find out what’s on their mind and maybe impart some wisdom. How about getting into the habit of a bedtime story? Make sure you have a good bedtime routine for yourself too!


Do you do these things for a healthy family? Leave your comments below!