7 Inspiring Ways to Maintain Healthy Weight

Starting a health plan and sticking to it can sometimes seem impossible. In most cases, people lack the motivation to lose weight or to keep going. Luckily you can work on your motivation and food choices.

Below are some of the Inspiring ways of maintaining a healthy weight.

  1. Determine why you want to lose weight.

Carefully determine the reasons why you want to lose weight. Read them regularly as a reminder of why you want to lose weight whenever you are feeling de-motivated. Your reasons could be that you are attending an event in the future and need to fit in a gown, preventing diabetes or wanting to have a “summer body.”

Many people begin their weight loss journey because their doctor suggests it. However, research shows that weight loss starts when one’s motivation is coming from within.

  1. Having realistic expectations.

Setting unattainable goal plans can lead to frustration, making you feel like giving up. On the other hand, setting realistic goals is inspiring and leads to feelings of accomplishment. People who attain their weight loss goals are likely to maintain their weight loss in the long term.

Losing weight improves your blood sugar levels, reduce your risk of heart disease, and lowers your cholesterol level. Studies have shown that many women who begin their weight loss journey expect to lose the most weight and end up dropping out.

  1. Keep a weight loss journal.

To keep a good food journal, you need to write down everything you eat, e.g., snacks, meals, and candy. You can also record your emotions in the journal. It will help determine some triggers for overeating and find healthier ways to cope. You can use a food app or pen and paper.

  1. Picking a plan that fits your lifestyle.

You should find a weight loss plan that you can to stick to and avoid strategies that are impossible to follow. The reduction of calorie intake will automatically lead to weight loss. In other cases, particular dieting plans have shown to lead to future weight gain instead of weight loss. You can eat more proteins, including the best protein powder, which are very useful for people who want to lose weight. You should set your goals realistically and aim to achieve them.

It is advisable to avoid stringent diets that eliminate certain types of food. You should consider creating your custom diet plan, e.g., reducing portion size, reduce calorie intake, reduce the frequency of snack intake, reduce consumption of fried foods and desserts, and eat more vegetables and fruits.

  1. Celebrating your success.

Losing weight is hard, so celebrating your success helps you keep motivated. You should give yourself some credit when you attain your goal. When you feel proud of yourself, you feel motivated.

It is, however, essential to set appropriate rewards. Avoid food-related rewards. Also, avoid costly rewards that are hard for you to get but get yourself significant gifts e.g., getting a manicure, cooking classes, or even going to the movies.

Remember to celebrate behavioral changes, not just reaching a particular number on the scale. For example, if you meet your goals of exercising four days a week, plan to go out with friends or have bubble baths.

  1. Finding social support.

Everyone needs regular support and positivity to stay motivated. Tell your friends or family about your weight loss journey so that they can support you positively.

Many other people also prefer having weight-loss buddies. You could work out together, encourage each other, and hold each other accountable through the process.

You can also involve your love partner but ensure you have support from other people too. Or you could also consider joining a weight loss support group, both online and face to face groups.

  1. Think and talk positively.

People who give positive expectations and have confidence in their ability to achieve set goals tend to lose weight faster. Therefore, you should start talking positively about your weight loss. Talk about the steps you want to take and commit to them out loud.

Studies show that people who fantasize about their weight loss are not likely to reach their weight loss goals are known as mental indulging. Instead, you should mental-contrast. Spend a few minutes thinking about reaching your weight goal and then thinking about obstacles that can prevent you from losing weight. Therefore, mental indulging is considered more positive than mental contrast.

The bottom line is, if you feel uninspired, it is essential to shift your focus to self-appreciation. Instead of beating yourself up, you should focus on how your body moves and what it does for you.

You should start appreciating your senses, your limbs, even your ability to dance walk and run. If you want to stay motivated, you need to determine what motivates you. For example, if your family is your motivation, you focus on how excising will help you remain in your children’s lives even in old age.

You can get your family involved in your exercises, e.g., Playing tag with the kids, going to the gym with your husband, and cooking healthy meals for your family.

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