Au Naturelle: The Copious Benefits of Taking Up a More Natural Beauty Regime

As the world becomes increasingly aware of human activity on the planet, many of us are opting to alter our lifestyles in order to reduce our footprint on the Earth. Not long after ditching our flawed ways, many of us start to realize that there are copious benefits towards taking a more natural approach to everyday tasks and start to question why we didn’t make the change sooner. This applies just as much to our beauty regime as any other area. Here are a few good reasons to make the switch to more natural beauty products sooner rather than later!

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Renewable Materials

We use more beauty tools than we may initially believe we do. Think about it: we make our way through toothbrushes, brushes, cloths and other tools at an alarming rate individually. So think how much waste we produce as a world population! Next time you go to invest in a new product, consider opting for something made of renewable materials that are either recyclable or biodegradable. This will reduce the amounts of plastics taking up space in a landfill. Bamboo toothbrushes are a brilliant place to start: not only will they clean your teeth as effectively as a standard plastic toothbrush, but bamboo grows at an extremely quick rate, so can be replaced easily. It also degrades naturally, meaning that your old brush won’t stick around on the planet for hundreds of years to come.

Organic Makeup

Makeup application forms a part of many individuals’ daily routine and the appearance that makeup creates can often form a huge part of someone’s identity. So while you may want to ditch it when hanging around the house or having casual days, you may be likely to reach for it on other occasions. This is fine. But when possible, opt for organic options. The skin on your face is sensitive and pores can become easily clogged, meaning that harsh, artificial makeup brands can often dull the skin or cause outbreaks. Organic brands, on the other hand, are composed of solely natural ingredients and are likely to be much better for both you and the planet. For more information on organic makeup, continue reading on

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Plastic-Free Body and Facial Washes

As more people become aware of the benefits of exfoliating, many brands have made the aesthetically pleasing decision to add microbeads to their products. They are supposed to exfoliate in a softer, less harsh way. While this is questionable in itself (as exfoliation requires a little oomph in order to do its job), these beads are highly detrimental to the environment too. The beads are too small to be effectively filtered out by water treatment centers and they are not biodegradable, so end up staying in water supplies for years. Unwitting animals consume these toxic beads. So, if you do one thing for the planet, stop using these kinds of products immediately.

If you want to make a positive difference to the world we live in, these small steps are a great place to start. You will feel all the better for these changes in your usual beauty routine, both inside and out.

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