Beauty – The Subjective Standard


Improving your standard of beauty is not an easy task to master. Firstly, you need to ask yourself why you’re doing it – do you want to feel more confident, more accepted in your body, or are you doing it purely just because you can, because it’s something to do in the morning and a routine that you can start up and keep? If you’re doing it to please somebody else, no matter who they are, then stop right there – you should only ever be doing something for your own benefit, not the benefit of others.

Everybody has their own different perception of what beautiful means to them. You may not feel like the prettiest when you wake up in the morning, but the person laying next to you could think that you are the most gorgeous thing on the planet. It’s all about self-worth and how we are to assess it. There are standard beauty tips out there that can help with your general knowledge (mainly makeup), but getting to the cause of what you want to improve can massively help you in the long run.

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The Most Beautiful Thing About My Eyes Is The Reflection Of Yours

Our eyes say a lot about us. They hold a lot of feeling, and as such hold a lot of power behind them. They can express when you are sad, happy, bored or tired, among a plethora of other emotions. Drawing attention to the eyes is one of the main makeup tips that is out there and readily available for us to work with. There are so many products out on the market such as mascara for our lashes, eyeliner to accentuate and maximize our eyes, shadow to create depth or give colour/a fashion statement, even down to drops that we can put into our eyes to give them an extra sparkle if they’re looking dry. If you are looking to excel in your makeup skills, try looking for tutorials online – Youtube is a great place to get started with vloggers such as Zoella and Tanya Burr taking the lead in showing you how to perfect most of styles that you have been coveting on celebrities. Start practicing with the help of this online guidance as much as you can; you can take your looks from natural to showy and back again, and it is great for instilling a sense of confidence in you in that you know what you are doing and will know how to execute certain looks perfectly. Work with a recommended palette for the colors of your eyes – accentuating them with different shades can completely change the nature of your look, and is a great thing to experiment with to see what styles and trends you can work with that you may have never tried before.

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You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

There’s almost nothing that a good brushing routine can’t do to whiten your smile and keep you feeling more self-assured. If you aren’t brushing at least twice a day, try and make brushing your teeth the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night to establish a routine. If the doubt behind your smile goes further than this and you are worried about the straightness of your teeth, consider booking in with an orthodontist to get a review and evaluation of what needs to happen to get your teeth back on the straight and narrow (quite literally). It may be that you need braces. This isn’t something that is confined to your teenage years; more and more adults are now turning to braces as a solution to getting the teeth of their dreams. You may not realise until later on in your life that this is what you want to change the appearance of your teeth. There is also the option of getting dental implants to really alter the look of your grin, but this can be a costly alternative.

If your teeth aren’t the issue, and you want to improve the beauty of your lips, you could take some tips from the whole host of celebrities at the moment who are promoting their own lip lines – Kylie Jenner is the most obvious choice. There are a whole host of products that you can buy to enhance your lips, and we are no longer limited to just lipstick as a means to an end, as previous generations were. We have liners, glosses, plumpers and even certain cosmetic procedures that can alter and enhance as we see fit. There are colors in abundance to choose from – as mentioned about previous generations, there was a time where pinks and reds were the only shades that you could choose from. We are lucky that we get to choose any color from the rainbow and beyond to help us improve our own beauty standard. These colors could be some sort of trademark for our own style, especially if they deviate from the norm. It’s all about creating your own personal brand and working from that, but it’s okay if we take some tips and trend tricks from other sources to help us achieve our goal.

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Gorgeous Hair Is The Best Revenge

Our hair can be so easily styled and changed now. And hey, if it all goes wrong, at least we are able to readily buy a wig to cover it. Improving your hair is a process that millions of us do every day. From changing the colour to altering the cut, there is not one thing that we can do to our hair that will not be considered as a subject of style – even if we completely shave it all off. Different things work for different people, and as our hair is so personal to us, it’s something that we can work with and create into whatever we want; we don’t have to fit into any categories or tick any boxes. Pinpoint what exactly you want to change about your hairstyle and the steps that you can make to get there. Take inspiration from magazines and people of note whose style you admire to take to your hairdresser as an example of what you want to look like. Don’t be afraid to be bold! People never even discovered new hair cuts without taking a leap out of their comfort zone first. Remember that hair always grows back, and it won’t seem like any time has passed at all until you are back where you started. We live in an age where mistakes can be so easily rectified, so take the plunge – even if you get it wrong, you’ll be able to sort it out in no time.

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It’s The Only Place We Have To Live In

Hangups on our bodies are the biggest blur of beauty that we can have. We all have something on ourselves that we would like to change – even the most confident and forthcoming person will tell you a part of them that they wouldn’t mind ditching and swapping for something else. It could be that you want to lose weight or even put weight on, or it may be something that isn’t quite as arbitrary. Whatever you decide you want to do, you need to either put a regime of commitment to it (i.e. a dieting or exercise routine to get you fit and healthy) or get into the way of thinking where you know it’s going to be right for you, your finances and your future (such as cosmetic surgery). There are certain communities out there, such as the Body Positive community (you can find great examples and advocates like Bethany Rutter and Georgina Cox to follow) that are great for promoting self-confidence and worth and for recognizing beautiful features on yourself that you previously may not have made enough time in the day for.

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Not One Drop Of My Self-Worth Depends On Your Acceptance Of Me

It’s hard to learn to love yourself, and even harder to accept yourself for what you are. This can roll across all mediums, whether it’s your personality, sexuality, body shape or sense of style. The most important thing to remember is that there is somebody out there who finds at least one aspect of you to be the most beautiful thing they can think of. Even if it’s just your parents, it’s at least someone. For the more religious among us we can state that this is how God intended for us to be, but for those who aren’t quite as believing then your body is a work in progress and something that can be altered to suit your happiness. Sometimes that change can come from within, and other time s we may need a little help to get us on our way, whether this is positive language used to bring the joy out of what we’ve got or cover-ups and surgery to enhance what we currently possess.

Whatever the reason, do what’s right for you. Always.