Business Bolstering – 6 Steps Toward Better Security For Your Workplace


As a business, there are plenty of things to be concerned about.

Your profit margins, your employee’s KPIs, the hiring and firing of staff, the quality of product and/or service that you ship as well as the quantity of product, etc. With all of this rattling around in the heads of the managers of your workplace, the last thing on their minds is the security of the workplace itself.

Mostly, workplaces will get one lot of security systems installed when they lease or buy a building, and not upgrade for decades. It doesn’t make sense not to upgrade your workplace security, especially when modern technology means it’s as easy as going to Obsec Security ( to completely overhaul your business’s safety protocols. We have compiled a list of 6 steps toward better security for your workplace, in the interests of making your business more secure for you and your employees.

Security Cameras

Security cameras key when it comes to protecting anything from a corporate office all the way to a warehouse that stores the product. CCTV cameras constantly record the goings-on around your workplace, meaning no late-night visitors can sneak in without your know-how, and any less-than-honest employees can be caught red-handed before too much stock disappears.

Keycard Doors

Doors are the first line of defense against unwanted visitors, and locking doors have been around for a long time, but Keycard doors are the new thing in security hardware. Unlike traditional keys, keycards are much harder to replicate and much more complex in their makeup, and the top quality key card locks usually have registers of which card is used to enter, and at what time, giving you a full history of the comings-and-goings of your business.

Security Personnel


For larger businesses, more public businesses, or businesses in more heavily populated locations, it is possible that you may need security personnel to assist in keeping the peace around your building. Security guards are more often than not deterrents by their very appearance, and having a nighttime guard can stop would-be thieves from breaking and entering.

Background Checks

When it comes to hiring new employees, background checks are essential.

You are about to bring a stranger into your workplace and give them the entry codes to your doors and computer systems, as well as explain to them the opening and closing hours. If you don’t know this person’s background, this could potentially be dangerous for your company. Background checks allow you to quickly and effortlessly ascertain whether or not this person has been arrested and convicted of anything before, which makes picking out the very rare felon much easier. 

Cyber Security

One form of security often forgotten is cyber security. When it comes to stealing things of value from your company, the computer is just as valid an entry way as a front door these days and you have to be certain your computer system is up-to-date and heavily guarded against hackers and viruses alike. Firewall and antivirus programs are easily obtained and installed, and usually do a satisfactory job of protecting your online assets.

Emergency Protocols

We have talked a lot about protecting your business and employees from threats from the outside world, but what about threats from within your building? If a fire breaks out, how will you ensure that everyone is accounted for and safe? Putting safety protocols in place is absolutely essential, no matter what industry you work in. If people are under your care, you must have safety protocols.

It’s not that hard to ensure the safety of your workers and yourself when you follow these points and put these methods into practice. A safer workplace is a less stressful workplace, and your employees will appreciate the added security.