Come Fly With Me: Secrets Your Flight Attendant Wants You to Know


If anyone could be named a professional traveler, it would be a flight attendant. Every single day they traverse the world and travel with hundreds, if not thousands, of travelers to their final destination. So it only makes sense that if you needed to know the right ways to travel, you’d ask an airline attendant.

Luckily, there are plenty of secrets your flight attendant wants you to know when it comes to traveling efficiently, safely, and with ease. Get ready, pack your personalized travel bag, and take note of some of these secret tips.

Stay away from the plane’s water

It is crucial to stay hydrated during your flight. The stale air and change in air pressure can quickly dry out your skin and make you feel sluggish and icky. But drinking the water on the plane is less than ideal. While the tap is safe to drink, the containers that store it are hard to clean. This means there may be excess bacteria build-up, and you can’t be too safe. Instead, bring a water bottle to fill up at the airport.

Do some meal prep

Meal offerings on an airplane can come and go. You may not get the option you’d like, the food may not correlate with your dietary restrictions, or you simply may not like what is on offer. To bypass this, do some meal prep before your flight. There will be plenty of eatery options at the airport, but if you want to sit down and enjoy a meal before you jet off, it is crucial to plan enough time for you to relax through the meal without being rushed. In addition, it always pays to bring some healthy snacks with you onboard, such as fruit, granola bars, nuts, or even a pre-packaged sandwich.

Be considerate

Some airlines prohibit airline attendants from lifting your bag to the overhead bin. If you need help, it may help to ask another passenger for assistance, or consider checking your bag. If you are in a pinch, some airlines allow you to check your carry-on at the gate in order to save some room in the bins for other passengers.

Stay away from the seat pockets

It’s not that seat pockets are dirty or unsanitary, but most people tend to leave their valuables in the seat pockets and not notice until they left the plane. And once you are off the plane, it can be exceptionally hard to get back on for security reasons. As a rule of thumb, if you are going to be taking important items out on the flight (think your tablet, computer, e-reader, passport, or wallet), store them safely in your bag immediately after you use them.

Pick the right seat

Unless you specifically want extra legroom, try not to pick the emergency exit seats or the first row of the plane. This is because you aren’t allowed to have your bags with you during the flight and you’ll have to store everything above in the bins, creating an extra hassle for you. In addition, the individuals who sit in this row are required to help out in case of an emergency, which may not be something you are willing to do.

Get up and walk

This tip is especially for those travelers who are on long-haul flights. You don’t want your body to cramp up and feel stiff when you get off the plane, so make it a habit to get up and walk the plane every hour or so. Do some stretches when you’re up, and your body will thank you once you’ve reached your final destination.

With these hacks in mind, you will be ready to have an easy, seamless fight. Bon voyage!