Common Issues Women Face When It Comes to Sex After Baby (And What You Can Do About Them)


Many new mothers lament that their lack of sex life post-baby is extremely disheartening. While this experience is common, it may still prove upsetting to women who may have conflicting feelings about giving birth. Although childbirth is surely a wonderful thing, dealing with all that goes along with it can have a huge impact on one’s sex life.

For instance, many women worry about painful sensations just after giving birth. This can greatly inhibit one’s joy of sex even if the desire is there. Others may be faced with a lack of desire when it comes to sex, due to either postpartum depression or a diminished libido while breast feeding, as the hormones that are released during lactation can suppress the sex drive. No matter the underlying reason, the following tips can help get your sex life back on track after giving birth.

Know What to Expect          

When it comes to your first post-baby romp, knowing just what to expect is crucial. Many women experience significant changes in both the look and feel of their bodies, and these changes can cause quite a bit of insecurity. Discomfort is also common, and this can deter you from being intimate with your partner. It helps to remember that it takes time to get back to the level of intimacy you were used to before the baby arrived, so be patient and let nature run its course.

Work on Strengthening Your Body

Sex after baby may also be difficult for physical reasons. To address this concern, a number of women look to strengthening exercises or other methods of getting their bodies back into pre-baby shape. Using a medical device like the vSculpt is great for increasing strength in the pelvic floor muscles, which are integral to enjoyable lovemaking, while also improving bladder control.

Be Considerate Towards Your Partner

In some cases, your partner may be the one having difficulty getting back into the swing of things just after baby. While it’s natural to be frustrated by the lack of intimacy, you must keep in mind that your lover may be experiencing the same rush of emotions as you. Strive for other types of closeness (such as cuddling and emotional intimacy) until you are both comfortable enough to move to the next step.

Talk to Your Doctor

Getting your sex life back on track can take a little work after your baby arrives. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to bring them up with your doctor, who may be able to provide practical methods for improving postpartum sex. A medical professional will also instill in you that what you’re feeling is completely natural, which can afford a great deal of comfort to new moms plagued by feelings of sexual inadequacy. Rest assured that healing, sexual and otherwise, will happen in due time.