Dare You Go Vegan?


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three years, you may have noticed that more of us than ever are adopting vegan, and vegetarian lifestyles. People may talk enthusiastically about meat-free burgers and tofu steaks, but no one’s actually spelled out how easy it is to convert to a plant based diet or why anyone would want to.

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Is It For You?

Some people take to veganism like a duck to water, sorry, but others find it much harder to give up meat, fish and even some dairy products. There’s no rulebook for how long it should take you to change your lifestyle, but studies show that it takes around three months for us to adapt to a new set of circumstances.Being vegan isn’t as hard as you might think, it just means finding new ways to get the nutrients your body needs and it’s entirely possible not just to survive but thrive on a vegan diet.

Whether you’ve decided to give it a go to be kinder to the planet, wish to stop eating animals or because you feel like cutting out processed foods could be healthier being vegan requires a little bit of preparation. If you adore Philly steak and blue cheese dressing, spicy chicken skewers and sea bass with a salsa verde then you might want to think about starting your journey as a ‘part-time vegan.’ Why? Simply because you aren’t under so much pressure and it’ll give you time to look for vegan substitutes for your favorite foods.

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Stay Healthy

If you’re in any doubt on what you should be eating then it’s best to visit The Vegan Society website. It’s full of helpful information for newbies, or you could speak to your doctor and make an appointment with a nutritionist. Don’t forget we tend to get most of our protein from meat so you’ll need to spend some time researching which beans, pulses, and lentils can give you the most energy as well as looking up the veggies that’ll sustain you for longer. It’s all very well making meals at home but what about when dining out with friends? Try not to get overwhelmed as most restaurants have vegetarian options that can be adapted or go to a buffet style eatery, click here find a Golden Corral location near you where you can pick and choose what you’d like to eat without having to worry about any hidden meat or dairy products.

Ask For Help

Being a vegan isn’t always easy although there are a lot more alternatives on the supermarket shelves than there were just five years ago. Sooner or later you’ll want to find vegan chocolate, wine, and cheese as well as wondering how do you cook meals without milk or eggs? No matter how stupid your question may be, you can guarantee there’s someone else out there whose thought the same thing in the past. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great ways to connect with fellow vegans plus plenty of animal-friendly organizations also organize local events which is also a wicked way to meet like minded people.

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