Social Butterfly: Why Meeting New People Improves Your Mental Health


Getting out and discovering new experiences is a great way of clearing your mind of the hustle and bustle daily life brings, but spending time with people is a proven way of improving your mental health and will have a positive impact on your life and the life of those around you.  Let’s take a look at why …

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According to recent research the mobility rate for humans who prefer to go it alone is much higher than those who surround themselves with a team.  Friendships are vital for human beings.  Like many of the species we share our planet with, we are a pack animal.  We thrive when there are a group of us and we all have our roles within our circle.

From the natural born leader who is on the phone every day, organizing evenings out even if the last thing you want to do is speak to anyone, to the empathetic listener who will spend hours on the phone to you as you pick through another failed relationship.  There are reasons for each and every person you surround yourself with.

Whilst we must ensure we keep a strong circle of friends it is likely that only a few of them will remain life long companions.  People change and priorities become challenged.  So it is really important we keep searching out and extending the pack we already have.

That can be really hard if you aren’t naturally a social butterfly but there are loads of ways you can make the first steps to getting to know new people.  Keeping up to date with current affairs can help you find topics to talk about when you are on the train or sitting in a bar.  It can be hard to approach someone but challenge yourself a little every day to make contact or break the ice with someone knew.  Start with a smile and go from there.  Then ask questions and learn about something new.  

Listening to other people’s opinions on life will challenge your own and help build your awareness and understanding.  

Staying busy is a great way to keep the famous monkey mind at bay.  Even when you are grieving or feeling unwell, engaging in conversation or listening to others sharing their problems will stop you from running over and over your own.  Silence can breed anxiety and often time spent without company can have our minds going haywire with attitude.  Talking is also brilliant for solving your own problems.  Perhaps you are listening to a stranger tell you about their boyfriend and you are shocked at how poorly they are being treated.  Suddenly you realize you are hearing a very similar tale.  A conversation on the train could be what triggers you to make a healthy and confident decision that you have been mulling over for months.

Of course we all know the benefit of laughter.  It truly does make us look younger and, perhaps you didn’t know, it boosts your metabolism so can help you burn more calories!

So get out there and start socializing!