What Your Bed Says about You


If a home expresses the individuality and personality of its owner, then the bedroom surely shows everything you need to know about them. As it is the room that is normally the most deficient of guests, it is completely up that who dwells in it what it looks like and how neat/unkempt it is; so if someone were to enter it, they would indeed learn a lot about the owner. So what would others think of you and your personality if they entered yours? More specifically, what would they say if they saw the focal point of the room — the main reason for the room in fact — your bed, and whatever lays upon it?

The focal point of the room — the bed

A duvet cover is, if owned and placed on the bed, a sign that you take your bedroom seriously. It shows that you care for your down comforter, first and foremost; it shows that you take the co-ordination of presentation in the room seriously; and it shows that you’re willing to go that extra mile in laundering and cleaning in order to make sure your bedroom is reaching its potential as the most beautiful room in the house. A duvet cover that is, in fact, tidily placed on the bed every day, is a sign that you have a desire to retain a rhythm in everyday life. It shows that consistency, and a high level of it at that, is the anchor to your day. Leaving your bed in such a tidy state in the morning, and coming back to it after long, hard day at work, mark the perfect bookends for the multiple stories you have experienced in the day.

If underneath the duvet cover lies crisp, white bedding sheets, then it is obvious that you appreciate serenity. If you’re the owner of crisp white sheets, that are regularly changed and tended to, it’s likely you’re a neat and tidy person and not a fan of clutter. This lack of fuss means you’re a minimalist and your bedroom reflects your straightforward style. By clearing the clutter from their lives, minimalists make room for far more important aspects of life: health, relationships, growth and passion. By having the worry of a dirty bed sheets free from your minimalist mind, you’re probably able to focus on much more important aspects of your life: like your wellbeing.

White bedding sheets

On the other hand, mismatched and unmade beds show a distinct disregard for the minimalist, clutter-free lifestyle — but this isn’t a bad thing. Having an unmade bed that is full of clutter shows that you’re a spontaneous, disorganized individual who’s always on the go. Matching sheets are not important to you; what is important, however, is that you leave your bedroom every morning and you go out to live. As well as this, comfort is important — you are disinterested with what the area looks like, but are interested in the practical uses you get from it. Although your bedding may not always be color co-ordinated, your sheets will undoubtedly always be comfortable.

Messy bed

But unlike those who are disinterested in what the area looks like, those whose bedding is laden in bright colors and patterns says that you care for organisation and scheme (but not quite as much as those with pristine white bed sheets). If you have funky prints you’re seemingly carefree but still air on the side of caution when it comes to being too disorganized. And the different funky prints and patterns each have their own meanings. Dots are associated with being a fun, light hearted and carefree; whilst research shows that those who favor polka dots are actually dynamic multi-taskers, with a heightened ability to focus. If you fall into this broad category, then you are a ‘tweener’ — you like controlled disorganization.

Finally, if your bed is filled with a plethora of stuffed animals, then there are obviously some underlying childhood issues there — which isn’t a bad thing at all! If you ever end up dating anyone that does, make sure the check here for what each different teddy bear really means. And if, underneath all of the duvets, blankets, covers and even stuffed animals, you have a new mattress, well, that shows that you value your health and that you enjoy comfort and having your finger on the pulse of the latest big trends.

So, there you have it. A run-down of what your bed says about you. If you quite haven’t been able to work out what yours says about you yet, make sure to click here to find out.