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Dead Island


The greatly anticipated Dead Island saga continues with “Riptide”. Techland and Deep Silver with Chrome Engine 5 were nice enough to supply me with an early game so I could check it out and I placed a teaser on YouTube that included some gameplay and got over a thousand hits in one day! I guess I wasn’t the only one excited to see it. Here is that video:

The four main characters (Purna, Logan, Xian, and Sam B) from the original Dead Island are still alive and well.

But, they have included a new immune character, John, who is the hand-to-hand expert in the group.

If you have never played Dead Island before, Purna is a bodyguard and firearms expert, Logan is an ex-quarterback and a throwing expert, Xian was in the Chinese Special Forces and is a blade weapons expert, and Sam B is a one-hit wonder from the Rap world and a blunt weapons expert. However, you can use any weapons with any of the characters.

Riptide takes off where the first “Dead Island” left off; although, if you have never played it before, you won’t get lost with the storyline. They will bring you up to speed on things. You may want to get the original Dead Islandthough; it got “Game of the Year”! :

I found Riptide to be a lot more intense than the original Dead Island. A lot more Zombies and some places are downright treacherous! I just ran through them as fast as I could. You may want to fight them, but there are a lot of them! Have plenty of med-kits! Here is some game play to show you how intense it is:

The main storyline has some twists and turns and with a surprise ending you won’t want to miss. My guess is the people at Techland and Deep Silver have another “Dead Island” in store. Lucky us!!!

I found Riptide to be fun to play and not hard to maneuver. You can jump up on a lot of things like boards fences and the like. I was going to jump down once and I don’t know how I did it, but I jumped right down on a zombie and killed it. I tried to imitate the move again (with no success) and then did it again two days later while playing. I still don’t know what I did, but I’m going to try to master that move. I can see where that will come in handy!

All in all, I like the game, but I was hoping to have some new arena maps to play in. Perhaps I have to unlock them somehow. Riptide is a bit more challenging than the first Dead Island. You can just go through the main quests or you can do all of the side-quests. Actually, you can just run around and kill zombies to your heart’s content. That’s one of the things I like about Riptide (and Dead Island). You can do whatever you want.

Well, perhaps I will see you there and we can play together. Like the first Dead Island, Riptide lets you play online with others. You can jump right in and help someone else who is on the same mission, team up with your friends, or you can look on-line for a good match. It truly is a lot of fun and geared to make a way to please you appetite for game play (whatever your tastes may be)!

I hope this was helpful and fun to watch.

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Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this game for review purposes only. I was not given any money to sway my decision. All of my thoughts are my own.