You Don’t Have To Live Like This: Preventing Common Female Health Issues


There are some things that women just have to accept as a matter of life. Sometimes, your mascara is going to gunk up on the edge of your lashes, and the only option is to do it all over again. Your favorite pair of heels will be the ones you’re wearing when you trip over a drain cover. You’re going to bump into your ex when you look, and feel, terrible. Just those little inconveniences we all have to deal with.

There are other issues that women experience that you don’t have to put up with. Some health issues, for example. Should you have to expect the occasional UTI? Know that you have to battle with yeast infections if you use the wrong soap? Accept period pain as a standard part of being female?

You may have to put up with the first set of problems, but the health issues you can do something about. The key lies in prevention. We’re all excellent at busting problems when they’re upon us, but lay the groundwork, and you may be able to dodge the issue entirely. Just don’t ask us to fix that corner-eye gunk of mascara. No one knows what to do about that.


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Urinary tract infections – better known as UTIs – make life hell. That’s no exaggeration. When something as simple as peeing becomes painful, your whole life seems to revolve around it.

One way to keep UTIs out of your life is by drinking plenty of water. The more you, er, flush through the system so to speak, the harder it is for bacteria to cling on. You can also try supplements like D-Mannose, or herbal teas. Raspberry leaf is not particularly tasty, but it has good casual recommendations.

Yeast Infections

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Thrush affects both men and women, but women are far more likely to have continual battles with it. Prevention of recurring yeast infections is based on making your body unpleasant for any fungal nasties.

You can take probiotic supplements to keep a harmonious balance in your good and bad bacteria. Furthermore, look for creams to help keep your vagina feeling good- many companies specialize, so they’re not hard to find. By using products specifically engineered for the female body, you can keep thrush at bay.

Period Pain

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First and foremost, make sure that you are only experiencing so-called “regular” period pain. Excessive pain could be a sign of a health condition, such as polycystic ovaries syndrome. If you’re all reassured on that from, you’re still left with a monthly pain you could do without.

There is some evidence to suggest switching to a menstrual cup can lessen period pain. If you can handle that, it might be worth considering. Also, look into TENS technology, which can allow you to control the pain without having to take strong painkillers.

If it’s dominating your life, it might be worth a chat about birth control options with your GP. Some birth control can lessen, or even completely halt your periods. If the more standard methods such as heat and pain management aren’t working, this is worth considering.

There are many, many upsides to being a woman – don’t let the above drag you down for too long.