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With EnduraCool Heat Won’t Get You Down

Enduracool by Mission

We live in the South where it’s hot most of the year.  When I say hot, I mean HOT! It will get up into the high 90’s and low 100’s for months on end. Combine that with humidity and it makes doing anything outside almost unbearable.  Just walking to the mailbox and back can mean needing to change clothes because you sweat right through everything you’re wearing. We tend to want to stay indoors from April through the middle of October.  Unfortunately this isn’t always doable.

One of our son’s lives with us, and he keeps the yard in shape.  He has also been helping out local flood victims.  When Mission recently sent me some products, he was happy to try them out.

Enduracool by Mission

“Half the size, just as cool! Our fitness multi-cool is engineered for a sleek and secure lockdown fit. With multiple ways to use you can wear it your way. Wet, wring and snap to activate the EnduraCool instant cooling technology to create a prolonged cooling effect keeping you cool and comfortable so you can go harder longer.”

He gave all the products he tried, two thumbs up!  He is wearing a Charcoal Space Dye Fitness Multi-Cool, in the photo above.

Mission Eduracool

He also has a Microfiber Cooling Towel around his neck.

Mission Enduracool

“The thermoregulating technology inside the Microfiber Cooling Towel works by absorbing moisture and perspiration in the fabric where the unique fibers circulate water molecules and regulates the rate of evaporation to create a prolonged cooling effect. The durable and soft towel will cool to about 30 degrees below your average body temperature and last up to 2 hours. The towel can easily be reactivated when the cool feel goes away. As long as the towel is damp and has airflow, it will remain cool and keep you comfortable.”

Mission Enduracool

About Mission – the Makers of EnduraCool

We’re not just passionate about performance. We’re perseverance pioneers. Because like you — mission-logowe find a way. A way to push a little harder. To move a little quicker. To feel a little stronger. We believe greatness is always in reach. But you’ve got to dig deep, you’ve got to harness your heat. That’s why we build innovative thermoregulation technology into the fabric of all our products. We do it because when you control temperature, you unlock performance.

That can be The Difference Between Good and Great™.



The technology behind these products is pretty cool – pardon the pun! Take a look at the Features and Benefits of the Microfiber Cooling Towel.

Mission Enduracool

Seth was able to stay as comfortable as possible, even out in the 90+ degree heat for several hours!

Enduracool by Mission

Check out the Heat Safety Tips on the Mission Website!

Mission Eduracool

With so many cooling products to chose from, athletes and anyone who is exposed to extreme heat conditions, can find something that will be of help to them. Shoppers can find:

  • Clothing – Men’s Compression Shirts, Socks and Underwear
  • Towels – Microfiber & Techknit
  • Cooling Accessories – Multi-Cool, Hats, Headbands and Helmet Liners

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.