Feeling sluggish? Try these easy ways to re-energize


After a festive period of overeating, sitting around on the sofa, and watching box sets late into the evening, it’s easy to feel tired and sluggish.

So, whether you need to get inspired for going back to work, or just need extra energy for the day-to-day, try these proven techniques to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Get off the sofa

Sitting and lying around for large parts of the day can sap your energy levels. Too much time stretching out on the sofa can affect your digestion and make you feel sluggish. While sitting down all day at work can strain your neck and back – leading to fatigue.

Human beings aren’t designed for sitting, so follow your hunter-gatherer instincts and go for short walks and enjoy fresh air to help feel more awake. Research has found that a 20-minute walk a day can add up to 7 years to your life.

Walking – and exercise – is good for the short term, too. Physical activity releases endorphins – those happy chemicals in your brain – which make you feel more alert and energized.

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Avoid stodgy food

Processed and carb-rich foods can make you feel stodgy, tired and inactive. So, try to swap that cooked breakfast for a fiber-rich bowl of cereal and some fruit. If you suffer from indigestion, this will help get things moving, and make you feel more energized. If you have bowel troubles, it’s also worth checking if any medication you take could be troubling you. Maybe your antibiotics cause constipation, for example.

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Switch coffee for green tea

Coffee is great for short-term alertness. But most of us have suffered that “coffee comedown” which makes you feel tired, twitchy and moody later in the day. To get your caffeine fix without the jitteriness, try green tea. It’s full of healthy ingredients such as L-theanine which boosts brain function.

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Don’t forget humble H2O

Our bodies are made up of 60% water, so it makes sense that we keep topping up with H2O. Health professionals recommend we drink eight 8-ounce glasses a day. A glass of water isn’t just refreshing, it’s rejuvenating, too. Studies show that mild dehydration impairs energy levels, affects mood, memory and brain performance. Water also helps flush out toxins, curb hunger, and help towards a balanced diet. So, top up that water bottle!

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Try something new

The daily routine, and worrying about the same things over and over, saps your energy levels, leaving you feeling fatigued. To break the loop of monotony, try something new. Learn a different dish to cook this evening. Take a class about something that always interested you. Volunteer a few hours a week for a charity. Anything to spark those brain cells. Doing new stuff has also been proven to help get a good night’s sleep; which is another way to feel re-energized the following day.

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So, put down the tablet you’re reading this on. Clamber off the sofa. And try one of these quick and easy steps to rejuvenate your mind and body.