FitzGerald Morrell Gloves: Fit-Form-Function

Pretty gloves are easy to come by. But gorgeous gloves that are beautifully made to perfectly fit ones hands…that’s a completely different story. FitzGerald Morrell Gloves takes gloves to the highest level.

FitzGerald Morrell Gloves

Gloves have been around, almost as long as people have.  Worn to both protect the hands as well as making a fashion statement.Through out the years, they have been crafted from of lamb, sheep, deer, cow/ calf, rabbit…even chickens.Ox, elk, goats and, gulp, dogs, have been tanned for the making of gloves and other wearing apparel.  From the 1500’s on, fabric gloves came into play.  Made of satin or silk, velvet, cotton and linen. Sateen and taffeta gloves came into popularity in the 1800’s. Then, in the 1950’s nylon and naugahyde gloves came on the scene.

FitzGerald Morrell Gloves

Left – Bennet (ladies’ fashion/winter) , Top Right – Broughton (men’s fashion/winter), Bottom Right – Adelaide (ladies’ fashion/winter)

Over the years, glove styles have come and gone. 

  • Short
  • Long
  • Fingerless
  • Gauntlet

Made for warmth and protection, and to improve certain sporting activities. Driving gloves, golf gloves and shooting gloves, for example.

FitzGerald Morrell Gloves

Top – Pollard (men’s equestrian), Bottom Left – Gasset (men’s shooting). Bottom Right – Lexington (ladies’ equestrian)

Leather, has been a continual favorite for both men and women because of its durability and “feel”. Whether premium leather, silk or cashmere is a buyers preference, an expertly tailored pair of gloves is the result.  Each pair made for an exact fit.  Craftsmanship is key.  Gloves are hand-cut and hand-stitched in the UK

FitzGerald Morrell Gloves = “Quality + Elegance + Fit”

Available in 20 vibrant colors, like Iris, Vintage Rose and Electric Blue.  A hue to match every wardrobe and season.

FitzGerald Morrell Gloves

Top Left – Carolina (ladies’ semi-formal). Top Right – Raleigh (ladies’ summer), Bottom – Pippa (ladies’ formal/opera)

Step back in time to when craftsmanship was prized, and quality was not spared. Slip into a pair of FitzGerald Morrell Gloves, and feel the difference.


21 thoughts on “FitzGerald Morrell Gloves: Fit-Form-Function

  1. Those are some nice looking gloves. I’d want several pairs to go with all of my outfits. I especially love the pale ones. It’s hard to find a pretty pair of gloves like these that fit. Big plus.

  2. Those gloves are gorgeous! I totally want the black pair. I always seem to think about winter gloves, but these could be worn all the time.

  3. Gloves have been around forever and here in our area you need them especially during the winter months. I will have to check a couple of these gloves out from Fritzgeral Morrell Gloves. These pink ones I will definitely be getting. Thanks for sharing these awesome gloves.

  4. Oh my those ARE gorgeous gloves! You are right gloves are a dime a dozen but finding gloves that fit – priceless! I have small hands so finding gloves that fit me right is difficult. Will check these out – love the styles!

  5. These look like great gloves. I know that at times you definitely want dress gloves depending on the outfit and these would go great for my wife in a number of outfits that she has!

  6. These look like such wonderful gloves. I love that they’re chic and form fitting. Also that they come in a lot of different colors. I’ll keep an eye out for them in the fall!

  7. Those FitzGerald Morrell Gloves are so chic and elegant. I especially love the vintage rose colored ones.

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