Summer 2017: Enjoying the Great Outdoors to the Fullest


Spring is finally starting to warm up, and it’ll be followed by summer before you know it. This means that there are plenty of bright and hot days just around the corner. With many people suffering from cabin fever after being cooped up indoors for the majority of a long and relentless winter, the upcoming summer season can be an excellent chance for you to get outside and enjoy everything that nature has to offer.

Pick Up a New Sport or Hobby

The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies has a list of 101 activities that you can do outside. It includes fairly common things like taking walks under the moon and collecting leaves, as well as a few more silly suggestions like digging for worms. The list boils down to a pretty simple message, though: there are plenty of things to do outdoors. Mountain climbing, hiking, and outdoor sports like football or soccer are all possible options that you can try out or get back to, if winter forced you to take a little break. Want to try rock climbing? Summer is the perfect season for it! Have you wanted to canoe before? Now is a great time! Summer is a great time for you to try out water sports in general, because the cool temperatures of the water can help prevent you from getting overheated. Just make sure to lather on that sunscreen and reapply it frequently, because the sun reflecting from the water’s surface can burn you quickly.

Get in Touch with Nature

As mentioned above, hiking is a perfect activity for warm summer days. However, you can take it a step further by giving nature hikes a try. The Wilderness Society has tips for getting the most out of a nature walk. This includes bringing cameras to document the things you see, or notebooks to write your thoughts down in. It’s suggested that you leave MP3 players or other music or electronic devices at home, or turn them off so they don’t become a distraction. Likewise, while you’re allowed to bring other people with you, it’s generally encouraged that you maintain some silence so that you and your partner can better appreciate the sounds of nature as they occur around you. Focusing on the site of beautiful birds, the buzz of insects, and the rustling of leaves can give you a better understanding of the wildlife that so many people take for granted.

Proper preparation for a nature walk is also incredibly important, however. For example, you should have a checklist of items before you head out, especially if you plan on being gone for a while. Some top items to have while tromping around in the forest include sunscreen, snacks, and water. You don’t need to have an entire drugstore strapped to your back, but leaving yourself vulnerable to the elements or hunger isn’t a smart move. This goes double if you’re exploring an area you aren’t familiar with.

Spruce Up your Summer Wardrobe

Greeting summer with a fresh face is a great way to start building up your hype for the season. Checking out shops like tobi can provide you with new pieces to add to your wardrobe or fresh ideas that can spruce your collection up. Since you don’t have to worry about wearing so many layers of clothing in the summer, you can experiment with outfits that take a little less time to put together, too. Throwing on a sundress and wide-brim hat is simple and can leave you feeling breezy and chic (and cool!) once you head outside. Trends are always changing, too, so browsing through the newest fashions might inspire you. Having new outfits on hand could also drive you to find events to wear them at, which can lead you to outdoor concerts or festivals that you may not have heard of otherwise.

Summer may be your favorite season of the year, or it may be one you don’t look forward to. However, giving more outdoor activities a chance can give you a better appreciation for both nature itself, and the summer season that makes so many of these activities possible (or at least more comfortable). Whether you prefer hiking, bird watching, attending open-venue concerts or anything in between, the outdoors has something to offer everyone. Getting out there and finding a niche that works for you is the first step!