Five Tips for a Successful Mobile Video Conference


The success of iPhone and iPad has heralded a new mobile revolution. According to statistics presented on the Mashable website, the usage of the mobile platform along with the cloud technology have made desktops almost redundant. Apple gains millions of new customers every year as recorded on the Verge website. Apple devices have become so popular that enterprises are embracing iOS devices for their operations. In this scenario, if you want your IT department to have success with using iPhone and other IOS devices for troubleshooting and remote handling of issues, you should understand what makes video conferencing run so smoothly in the first place.

Video Conferencing Using iOS Devices

The smooth running of iPhone video conferencing for IT requires a good app like Blue Jeans which allows a large audience to participate in the discussion. Apple provides FaceTime for video calling, although it limits the number of people involved in the conference. It also doesn’t have many other features that other high-end video conferencing apps have.

If you wish to connect more participants, then it is best to look for other apps that support large users for enterprise use. The app should allow support to be accessed from any video system including web browsers and audio connections. The app should be able to work both with Wifi as well as 3G and 4G connectivity. This type of connectivity truly allows you to join the conference from anywhere. The iOS app should allow content sharing across devices and include different format files like a power point presentation, documents, spreadsheets, and audio-video files.

Features for Smooth Video Conferencing

The success of an app depends on its intuitive interface and the ability to schedule meetings with its integrated calendar feature. If the iOS app doesn’t support calendar and the interface is cluttered, it is not going to be successful. The app should support dual stream support allowing viewing both content and videos simultaneously.  Usage of the front and rear-facing cameras makes the video conferencing interactive.

Tips for Efficient Video Conferencing

Despite the good app and best hardware, a video conference can be troubling if you don’t harness the resources correctly. It requires the user to follow certain simple tricks.

  1. Visibility

Irrespective of the way you connect to the video conferencing, the position of the camera makes a huge difference to have a successful video conferencing. You have to place the phone in such a way that you are clearly visible, and the presentations you intend to show are clear to the participants. You need to check the image and sound before you start video conferencing. Avoid the light to fall directly on the camera, as this can reduce the clarity of the picture. Make sure you sit near and at the right height in a position that is most comfortable so that you are not stressed during the entire video conferencing session.

  1. Readiness

Just like Steve Jobs repeatedly practiced before his every keynote presentation; it requires practice to make anything successful. It will be a disaster if you are not able to connect after the video conferencing starts holding up everyone. It is best to practice connecting the video conference and check device’s video and audio to avoid catastrophes and make sure they are working correctly.

  1. Experience

Check the mute feature and ensure it works since it will be helpful to prevent background noise when you are not speaking. You can use this feature to enhance the video conference experience. You should also close and log out of the conference once it is over so that it doesn’t disturb others who wants to continue after your part is over.

  1. Looks Matter

Whether it is a physical conference you are attending or an online video conference, the way you look is going to have tremendous influence. Your looks make an impression on other people. While video conferencing, don’t take it lightly just because you are attending from home. Present yourself in the best way so that others are inspired.

  1. Draw Attention

It ‘s hard to communicate when you are not in physical presence. You should make sure you never miss the attention of other members. You can always hold their attention by having eye contact and maintaining good body language. If you look disinterested, it is going to distract other people and lead the entire conference to a failure.

Etiquette Matters

There is no difference between a physical meeting and video conference. All etiquette that is applicable with a physical meeting is appropriate in a video conference as well. Hardware and software are important aspects of video conferencing. iOS devices are good in both these aspects. To make video conferencing fruitful and smooth, you require more than a good hardware and software. You need to have good video conferencing etiquette to make it run smoothly. People take it lightly just because video conferencing allows you to participate in the conference from anywhere. What they miss is that the technology has made it possible to interact even from a long distance without the need to travel, but good etiquette is necessary for better human interaction.