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When going back to school your child wants to be unique with the latest and greats back to school products. I have the perfect backpack that will help your little one stand out in the crowd this school year. Super Me is a brand of products that let your children go to school as a super hero! This backpack comes with a removable cape and mask. Each has their own special place so they don’t get lost. If your kid is interested in superheros, this is a fun little backpack.

Perfect for preschoolers (ages 2-6) and can easily fit a water bottle, snacks, change of clothes, school folder or a favorite book. Anything above that and the backpack would be too small .The bags are made from environmentally friendly, insulating EVA to keep snacks & drinks fresh. It seems to be very durable and perfect for the daily grind of a young school age child. The cape can be put away in a zipper pocket on the top of the bag when not in use. There is a removable patch on the front that you can replace with a personalized patch with your child’s name.

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There is a chest clip on the chest perfect for keeping the backpack in place while running around. Only problem with it is it’s pretty hard for a younger child to remove by themselves.

They also have adorable little lunch boxes that match the backpacks. These lunch boxes are made of the same fabric and also have little capes. These capes are detachable as well and will make perfect sized place mats. Great for being able to set out your lunch in front of you.

These bags are perfect for helping your child feel special and like a super hero while they are making their way in a new year of school. It can be pretty scary, but being able to transform into a superhero really does a lot to help take the fear away.

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