Furby Review


Last week we had the opportunity to review one of this years hottest toys, Furby. Right away I knew the perfect candidate to review the Furby. It was going to make a perfect gift for a very special little girl in my life. My niece Sophie.

Little Miss Sophie has a very large Furby collection. She tells me all the time that she can never have enough and whenever I take her to the store she gets excited and wants to visit the toy department to see if the store has a Furby that she doesn’t have yet.

Not only does Little Miss Sophie love Furby’s but so does my sister. She loves that Sophie has an interactive “pet” that doesn’t need cleaning up after.

Furby is an adorable friend who learns with and responds to your child the more they are played with. The more your child plays with their Furby, the more their personality will develop. Your child is able to feed their furby, tickle and talk to their Furby. Furby starts by speaks Furbish but the more your Furby is played with and interacted with it learns to speak English. Furby has animated LED eyes to show you that he is interacting with you and silly, sassy, sweet voice responses to let you know how Furby feels.
Depending on how you interact with Furby determines on how their personality will be. If you hug, pet and play nice with Furby, they will become a total sweetheart. If you shake, flip or pull Furby’s tail, his personality will be a little sassy.

Little Miss Sophie was so excited when she opened her birthday present and saw that she had a new addition to her Furby family. She could not wait to get home and introduce her to the rest of the Furby buddies so she could watch them joke, flirt, dance and sing together.

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Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.