Great Projects That Will Totally Transform Your Garden


Sometimes our gardens can become forgotten about when it comes to DIY. While many people know how to enhance their living rooms and freshen up the kitchen, it can be difficult to know how to improve an outdoor space.

Here are a few great projects that can make a real difference, and give you that perfect garden you’ve been dreaming about!

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A Vegetable Plot

If you can an unloved and neglected patch in your garden, a vegetable patch is a great way of utilising the space. Not only do they look great, but they provide you with nutritious fruit and vegetable throughout the year for a fraction of the supermarket costs. It’s a great way of getting kids involved as well, encouraging them to get outside and try new vegetables. The first step should be making sure the soil is healthy enough to feed your veggies, so add compost and organic matter to increase the quality. Start off with simple plants such as carrots, tomatoes, and salads, either planting from seed under protection or purchasing plugs from garden centres. If you don’t have space for a vegetable patch, a small herb garden is the perfect alternative!

Planting A Tree

A tree or large shrub can be a great feature in your garden, and height and texture to the landscape. Be very careful when choosing which to buy and where to plant it though, as different species will need various levels of care. Do your research beforehand and ask assistants advice when purchasing. Trees will need pruning and kept on top of, so if larger ones need work doing speak to tree surgeons to avoid any accidents.

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Patio Or Decking

Adding a decking area to your garden totally transforms it in looks and functionality. A living area can allow you to sit out in the summer evenings and enjoy the space with friends. They can take a while to fit, so if you choose to do it yourself try in gradually and not rush it. Wooden decking and paving slabs both need to be cared for, so keep them clean with a pressure washer and treat them with stainers and oils to keep them looking their best.

Add Water

Installing a pond or water feature adds luxury to your garden with the relaxing sound of water. Not only do they look great, but the wildlife will love it as well. Even the smallest pond can attract frogs, insects, and mammals. Make sure you have all the tools and equipment before you start a project like this, and keep the water maintained and treated to avoid disease and bad smells.

Add New Plants

Planting can make or break a garden, so think about the layout before you purchase any new additions. Planting taller items at the back of beds, and adding different shapes and texture all add interest and depth. Try to stick to a color or scheme, and plant in three’s rather than lots of individuals. Climbing roses and clematis are perfect for hiding ugly walls and fences, with pots and tubs ideal for filling courtyard and patio areas.