Grooming for the Groom: Don’t Let These Face and Nail Problems Ruin Your Wedding


If your wedding day is coming up on the horizon soon, you are surely immersed in a thousand details, from the guest list and seating to the band’s playlist at the reception. While it’s considered normal for the bride-to-be to obsess a bit about her appearance the closer you get to the big day, often the groom forgets that he could step up his look for the event too. Here are some prep tips for the groom, highlighting three grooming areas you don’t want to ignore before your wedding.

Breakouts and Blackheads

Don’t forget that you will be the subject of hundreds of closeup photographs on your wedding day. Just like the camera adds 10 pounds to your weight, it adds about an acre to any blemishes or blackheads on your face.

You want your skin to be clear and healthy looking for your photos, but that doesn’t happen overnight. Start a regimen for clear skin now, and on the big day you’ll be grateful you did. Get plenty of sleep especially the week before the wedding, drink lots of water and try to skip fatty foods or anything else you know makes you break out.

Invest in some good men’s skin care products formulated for your skin type that you can use to wash, tone and moisturize your face, including products to use when you shave. Don’t try anything new right before the wedding, lest you have a reaction to it. Give it at least about a month, so you know it’s effective and non-irritating. Have a blackhead tool ready so you can send any wedding crashers packing before they take over the reception.

Jacket and tie with cuban cigar in the pocket, Italian fashion concept

Jacket and tie with cuban cigar in the pocket, Italian fashion concept

Eyebrows and Nostrils

Any stray eyebrow hairs or unsightly unibrow issues will show up big time in your wedding photos too. You don’t want to be mistaken for your dad or grandpa in your pics, so take care of those brows.

Consider going to a brow specialist a few weeks before your wedding to get pointers on trimming and shaping your brows in a manly fashion. They’ll show you how to remove excess brow hair and still keep a masculine-looking face as well as how to take care of any irritated skin immediately after a brow grooming session. Then, use a pair of brow scissors and tweezers to maintain your grooming for the big event and beyond.

While you’re having a peek in the magnifying mirror, take a look at those nostrils. If you haven’t been trimming them, now is the time to start. A pair of nostril scissors with blunt tips allows you to get the job done without drawing blood or making any noise, so no one will be the wiser.

Fingernails and Toenails

Even if your photographer doesn’t snap any photos of your hands up close at the wedding–although be forewarned that they might–you don’t want to extend a mangy paw with dirty fingernails to your beloved during your ring exchange. Don’t give your betrothed any reason to become a runaway bride! Get a professional manicure a few days before your wedding and keep up your grooming with men’s manicure tools. Your cuticles and your bride will thank you.

Don’t ignore those piggies either. Just because your feet are hidden in dress shoes for the wedding ceremony doesn’t mean they won’t create a horror show in flip flops on your honeymoon in Bora Bora. Icky toenails are a huge turnoff for women, and dude, this is your honeymoon we’re talking about here.

When you schedule your manicure, book a men’s pedicure as well. Ask your nail technician about how to keep up the masculine but tidy appearance she gives your feet, so you can make this a permanent part of your grooming routine.

To make keeping up your groomly grooming easier, purchase a men’s grooming kit with all the tools you need to tend to your nail and facial care.

Furthermore, get all the gents in your party on board by giving grooming kits as groomsmen’s gifts. The guys will look great for your wedding day, and everyone will say “Ah!” instead of “Ew!” when they see your wedding photos.