Grooming for Men: A Basic Guide


Everyone likes to feel and look their best – you love it, your dog loves it and your SO loves it too. Luckily, the market has finally acknowledged this and the shops are stacking up on beauty products for men, it’s even starting to get a bit chaotic out there. Although it’s not anyone’s responsibility to manage this but yourself, sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of help from the outside – especially if you feel kind of lost on your own in the skin care department. Many of these tips are for free, too, so you don’t even need to pay up to look good.

Make a few investments

I promised to give you some advice for free, so let’s just get the costly ones out of the way immediately. I’m a low-maintenance girl and only spend on what I know will really pay off – if not in cash, but at least in a sense of security and trust in the products I use every day. Skin care and hair products will usually need a bit of time to work their wonders, which has some impatient souls jumping between different mid-range brands every month. The chances of finding that ultimate one for next to nothing is kind of slim and even if that cheap cream worked fine for your friend’s skin, it might not be the case for yours.

Start a relationship with a high-quality skin care brand and build on it from there; just like an actual relationship, you’ll fall out of love quickly unless you put in some work and patient. You’ll want to do that with a product that’s not going to dry you out in the long run. Extend this rule to everything you use on your skin or hair every day; has an excellent reviews on safety razor blades that’ll be worth both time and money, or take a look at this article if you’re more into DR razors.

Give all your attention to details

This is a big one, and the kind of advice I would need to give to a surprising amount of the men I know. Heading out the door after a shower and brushing your teeth is no good if you don’t remove the toothpaste in the corner of your mouth, plus, you don’t need to discover it around noon and wonder why nobody bothered to let you know.

Cut your toenails to not only save money on buying new socks after poking holes through them – it’s also useful for those times you didn’t expect to take your socks off. Keep them neat right after you shower, and confidently free your feet without causing fear and disgust. It’s good to invest in yourself a bit too, you know.

For older men and sometimes also the younger ones, forgetting about their ears seems to be a common problem. Although they pluck out stray nose hairs, shave their necks and even pluck their uni-brow, their two poor ears are not given a single thought. Maybe it’s an out of sight, out of mind-thing? Anyway, the rest of us can see them and we would much prefer it if you cleaned them both after a shower – it’s such an easy thing, and you’re spared the embarrassment when your girlfriend gives you subtle hints about it on the bus later.

These details are easily incorporated in a daily routine; just remember it the first few times and it will soon feel strange to leave it out.