Healthy Habits for Your Day at the Office


So many of us spend the majority of our waking hours sitting in an office. Hunching over a desk and being inside all day isn’t great for your health. Many things could affect how healthy you are at work, from using a computer to eating in the cafeteria. It’s not always easy to stay healthy, especially when you don’t have complete control over the environment. However, you can take steps to be healthier in the office. You might not be able to change everything, but you can do as much as you’re capable of. Start by doing the things below to make your day at work healthier.

Image from Pexels

Make Your Desk Space Healthy

Most office workers spend the majority of the day at their desk. They might get up occasionally for a meeting or to take a break. But for the most part, they’re probably in an office chair and in front of a computer. Spending all day sitting at a desk can have several effects on your health. It can be bad for your back and eyesight, as well as affecting concentration and stress. You can make your desk a healthier place by ensuring you sit in your chair properly. You might also want to look into wearing a posture brace to help deal with back pain. Taking breaks and getting the lighting right will help you tackle eyestrain.

Pack Your Lunch

It’s always tempting to buy lunch when you’re at work. You can go to the canteen, go out to get something, or even order in. However, not only can this be unhealthy, but it can be expensive too. If you want to have a healthier work day, packing your lunch is a much better idea. There’s no need to stick to dull sandwiches, though. You could have a healthier and more exciting lunch if you try new things. You can prepare your lunches at the beginning of the week, so you always have something to take to work. If you have a microwave at work, you can even heat up your food.

Image from Pexels

Take Your Breaks

It’s so easy to work through your breaks or just to spend them at your desk. But your breaks should allow for you to stretch your legs and relax for a little bit. Try not to spend them at your desk if you can. Go to the break room to eat your lunch and chat with your colleagues. Perhaps go for a walk so that you can get some fresh air. It will help you to wake up so you can be on your game when you get back to work.

Be Healthy with Your Coworkers

It can be hard to be healthy at the office. Your coworkers might be discouraging, or they might inadvertently lead you astray. But many of them may want to be healthier too. You can get together with your colleagues so you can be healthy together. Try arranging for people to bring in healthier snacks for the breakroom. You could even exercise together by forming a running or walking group.

It’s easy to be healthier at work if you know what to do. Don’t let others discourage you from achieving your goals.