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Heart Rate Monitors USA is an industry leader when it comes to reliable heart rate monitoring equipment. Heart Rate Monitors USA offers reliable and affordable options to consumers from all walks of life. Included on the list of outstanding equipment offered from the company is well-priced, dependable MIO Alpha strapless heart rate monitor.

The reality is that strapless, continuous heart rate monitoring equipment has changed significantly in recent times. The MIO Alpha signifies these developments. The MIO Alpha is the world’s first continuous heart monitor, that is strapless, chest strap free and that monitors the heart rate directly from a person’s wrist.

The MIO Alpha uses groundbreaking technology. The foundation of this technology is an optical sensor. The sensor offers user adjustable heart rate training options and monitoring derivations, unlike anything that has ever been included in equipment from different generations.

The MIO Alpha interfaces with other technology and applications. For example, the MIO Alpha can be used with a person’s favored GPS, distance, speed and pace apps. The MIO Alpha can also be used to take a person’s workout to a whole new level of effectiveness and achievement.

Another marvelous feature of the MIO Alpha is its long battery life. A user of the MIO Alpha can charge the battery in under an hour. Once charged, the battery offers between eight to ten hours of continuous monitoring usage. When a person is not in training, the monitoring feature automatically shuts off so as to save batter life.

The wrist device of the MIO Alpha is attractive. A person can wear it with virtually any clothing options. It’s sleep appearance makes doubles as a perfect watch. A person commonly can go two to three weeks between charges of the MIO Alpha.

In addition to an attractive battery and a great look, the MIO Alpha is also highly durable. The fact is that many heart rate monitors simply do not hold up over time due to the stress and wear associated with an active person who exercises regularly. Such is not the case with the MIO Alpha. Well constructed, the device is designed and constructed to last well into the future.

Finally, understanding that there are challenging economic times, another positive feature of the MIO Alpha is its affordable price. Heart Rate Monitors USA is committed to ensuring that all of its products feature the best prices available on the marketplace at this juncture in time.

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