Here’s How To Look And Feel Younger Than Your Age

We all want to look good all the time. And none of us wants to grow old. Sadly, aging is a part of life. While our genetics plays a huge part in how we will age, there are some things you can do to keep yourself young. There has been a lot of press interest lately about the idea of physical age. This is the age your body is, rather than the age based on your birth date. It suggests we can beat the clock. It also suggests that some of us might be aging quicker than others.


So how do you make the most of what you’ve got? How is it possible to keep your physical age young? There are lots of tips, tricks and techniques out there offering you anti-aging solutions. We’ve picked out the best ten to keep you looking and feeling younger than your years (and your peers!).
1. Diet – They say you are what you eat. And it seems there is a great deal of truth in that. If you eat junk food, you are not nourishing your body adequately. This means cells cannot renew as quickly and healthily as you would like to stay looking young. Diet plays a big role in our weight too. When you are young, a little extra padding might give the illusion you are younger than your years. But as you age, extra pounds add to the sagging appearance of your body and skin. Always eat a healthy diet of grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fish, chicken, fruit, and yogurt. This helps to make the most of all the nutrients nature has to offer.  pasted_image_0

2. Exercise – Regular activity and exercise help us control our weight. It keeps our muscles lean, toned and strong. Best of all, it increases our metabolism to help us feel energetic and youthful. The more you do a physical activity, the easier it becomes. Our bodies adapt to the movements, and we can become very good at it with just a little regular practice. Getting your heart rate up boosts the circulation. This keeps the muscles and joints moving smoothly. It also keeps you warm and supports good digestion. Best of all, it feeds the brain, helping you focus, and improving your mood.
3. Skincare – While a good diet will feed our skin cells from the inside, we also need to protect it from the environment on the         outside. Regular workouts help us to sweat out all those toxins and dirt from our pores. It refreshes the blood and oxygen supply to our skin too, improving our skin tone and color. Exfoliating helps this natural process. It also reveals the fresher, more youthful looking skin cells underneath. Cleansing removes the last traces of dirt on the skin. Toning then closes the pores off to prevent environmental dirt clogging them. Finish your skincare routine with a Renique type serum or moisturizer to help stave off the wrinkles. paste2d_image_0

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4. Hair – Over the years, our hair thins and grays. This makes us appear older than we want to. A good hair color will nourish the older hair while providing a natural-looking color to cover the grays. Styling your hair to suit your face shape is one way to keep looking good. As hair thins, you might not be able to keep longer styles looking voluminous. Clever parting helps cover any thinner areas. Try not to over-style older hair as it can cause more damage and thinning.

5. Fashion – If you’re starting to get older, don’t let your fashion sense suffer. Continue dressing well. Don’t be tricked into thinking that dressing like an eighteen-year-old is a good idea, though. Wear clothes that suit your current shape. Dress with style rather than trying to dress like a teenager. Try outfits that provide a modicum of modesty without making you look frumpy.

6.Posture – As we age, the skeleton, joints, and muscles seem to fight against us more and more. It is easy to develop bad posture. It can start around the menopause for women. The lack of hormone and calcium in the body can cause osteoporosis. Combat this with a good diet and HRT if your doctor deems it appropriate. Use Yoga and core strengthening exercises to maintain a good, upright posture for your body.

7. Makeup – As our face ages, the shape will change a little. The makeup you wore in your early twenties won’t necessarily look good on an older face. Review your color choices every few years, and think about shading to create the illusion of structure. Less is more as you get older, but it’s the quality of the application that counts.

8. Get Out There – Over time, it is easy to lose touch with friends. Hobbies you loved when you were younger may have been forgotten about. This is especially true when you have a young family. Revamp your social life by making the time to meet with friends two or three times per week. Resurrect your hobbies, and find groups that are like-minded. It’s good for the soul and your mental health.

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9. Sleep – When you have children, getting a good night of sleep is rare! Once they have grown up, you may find you still can’t sleep well.This could be due to sleep apnoea as we age. Or it could be down to our aging joints making us uncomfortable in the night. We only need a little less sleep when we are older, so make the effort to ensure you have a good quality bed and an excellent bedtime routine.

10. Stress – It’s true that stress can age you. The stress hormone Cortisol is responsible for messing up our bodies and our brains. It can cause weight gain and a lack of focus. Choose meditations, massages and anything else that can keep your stress levels in check. Frowning will give you wrinkles!

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