Are These High Risk Cosmetic Procedures Worth Taking a Chance On?


Thinking of going under the knife? These days, cosmetic surgery is far less taboo and people think nothing of going for a little nip and tuck to correct something they’ve always disliked about themselves. And this is great, the fact that we have the freedom and choice to make these decisions means you don’t have to go through life with insecurities. However, it’s worth remembering that while commonplace, these still are surgeries and so need to be thought about carefully. Some come with particular risks, here are a couple that are especially tricky.


Butt Implants

Butt implants, or ‘gluteal augmentation’ is a newly popular procedure, thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian. However, it’s a surgery that can be incredibly complicated and carries more risks than you might realize. Any surgery or implant comes the risk of infection, swelling and bleeding, and if the doctor made a mistake then you have even more chance of adverse effect. But even when things go smoothly, complications can still occur. Unlike breast implants, the glutes are an area in constant, use due to sitting. This can lead to implant migration as well as rupture. These complications can lead to sciatic nerve pressure, scarring, even nerve damage- some patients have even died due to this operation! When it comes to breast implants there’s often the psychological side of things that make the risks worth it. People can be bullied or feel unfeminine with a very flat chest. However, when it comes to your rear there’s more you can do- the right diet and plenty of squats will help to sculpt and shape it. You can wear certain clothing items to make it look the way you want. For the most part, it’s a surgery that’s not worth the risk in many cases. If you’re considering having this done, be sure to weigh up the pros and cons.

Are These High Risk Cosmetic Procedures Worth Taking a Chance On?


While liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic procedures, it comes along with a whole lot of risk. While it’s relatively safe regarding death rates, deaths still do happen. It can be risky due to blood clots forming, perforation of the stomach wall, fat clots in the lungs and general infections. These kinds of things mean that you could sail through surgery and then develop complications later on. The results from person to person (and surgeon to surgeon) can vary massively too. When you go for liposuction, you expect to walk out feeling slimmer and smoother, but actually it can leave you looking lumpy and bumpy if fat wasn’t removed evenly. Many people have come out looking worse than when they went in. As with any procedure, research your surgeon carefully. View before and after pictures of their work and read reviews. Travel further and spend more money if you have to. If you’re not happy with the risks, nonsurgical liposuction such as fat freezing techniques can give good results.


Facial Reconstruction Surgeries

Facial reconstruction surgeries are often performed after an accident or illness has disfigured the face. Due to the nature of these kinds of procedures they can be incredibly tricky. No two operations are going to be the same, and they often involve a lot of planning and multiple techniques to bring it all together. Often reconstruction surgeries use experimental ideas because they simply have to work with what’s available. This could be stretching and growing skin elsewhere on the body to be taken for the face or removing pieces of bone from somewhere else. The nature of these kinds of operations usually makes the risk worth it, as they can be life changing in many cases.Here’s some cool ideas for those who suffer acne scares is a natural remedy.