How to Give Your Home a Rustic Makeover


Our homes can get a little tired and drab if we never give them a makeover. Every few years, you should give the home a new look, and right now, rustic designs are in fashion. So, try out these tips.


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Expose the Floorboards


The flooring you choose for your home makes a big difference to the overall impression that your rooms give. If you want a genuinely authentic and rustic appearance for the room, you should think about pulling up your old carpet and exposing the floorboards underneath. It’ll look better than you might think!


You could sand them down and add some paint if you like. This will give the floorboards a more modern twist and create a combination of stylish design and authentic appeal. You don’t have to go down this route though. They can sometimes look best when they have nothing done to them at all.


Construct a Fireplace


Ever rustic home needs a great fireplace. Maybe you already have a space in your room where a fireplace once stood, but you no longer use it. If this is the situation, you should think about resurrecting it and putting it back into use. There are all sorts of fireplaces out there, so you need to think carefully about each option.


Yes, you could go for an electric or gas fire. But none of those options are nearly as good as the option of using a wood burning fireplace. These are the most homely and authentic fireplaces you can go for. If you don’t know how to install the fireplace system, have a professional do the work for you.


Add the Right Accessories


Creating a new makeover for your home is not always about making the big changes though. It’s the small things that often have the biggest effect on the overall appearance of your home. You can get loads of great rustic decor from independent retailers and online stores nowadays.


Start with getting your curtains right. These need to fit in with the overall design of the room, so they’re vital to get right. Then fill the room with the right lamps, cushions and ornaments. Be careful to keep the design coherent and thought through though. It can be easy to end up with a muddled design, and you don’t want that.


Get Creative


You shouldn’t rely too heavily on shop bought items though. There are so many things you can do and create by yourself without having to spend lots of money on buying products from retailers. If you’re the kind of person who likes to get creative and make things with your own two hands, there’s nothing stopping you!


You could even get your kids involved and make something interesting. Why not create a blanket or duvet cover for your bedroom? Alternatively, you could makes some works of art and hang them on the wall of the living room.


If you follow these simple and straightforward design tips, you will have a great looking and revitalised home in no time at all.