How to Meet The One When You’re too Busy to Settle Down


We live in an ever-growing society where information runs rampant and we are busy chasing our dreams in both our careers, friendships, and relationships. When do we settle down? How do we meet the one? Luckily, with the growth of technology and interconnectivity, it’s easier to meet people now. Here are some ways to find your next date and meet the one.


  1. Dating Apps

New dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel makes it easier to connect with people in your city. You can even choose the age range and type of person you may be interested. It gives you the option to choose and say hi to potential prospects, widen your network and meet more than one person at a time to see who may be the one for you. By swiping left or right, you’re now able to see who is available based on the type that matches your needs or desires of a significant other.


  1. Speed Dating

Community centers and other organizations often hold speed dating nights for those in the community. These events are the perfect place to meet someone new, talk to a group of people about your likes and dislikes and even get a chance to move beyond the event and ask the other person for a date. Speed dating is a place to meet someone quickly and if you two jive, take that meeting elsewhere and build chemistry off that.


  1. Parties

Parties are more of an unintentional way to meet the one. You get to enjoy the party and also be in a group of people where you can possibly find someone you like. Parties are great as they gather people of all different groups and faces, puts them together in one space and you all get to have fun together. It’s also a great way to make friends and build off that friendship to meet someone you’d be interested in dating.


  1. Social Media

Believe it or not, but social media has become a place to meet the one. Many are taking onto social media as a way to talk to people, friend instantaneously and slip into other’s DMs. With the progression of social media and the information that is available online, it has become a place for people to be friends, message each other, get to know each other and meet the one without even seeing someone face-to-face.


  1. Mail Bride or Mail Husband

This is another way to meet someone. More and more men and women are listing themselves online, with profiles and putting themselves out there as a way to meet new people and potentially find the when. Mail order brides are available in many forums, the same for mail husbands.


Being busy now has become the new normal. But that doesn’t mean meeting the one is harder. It’s more convenient as more and more ways to connect become available. Technology is changing the dating game and the way people meet their significant other. So, don’t think you’re too busy to date. If you can carve out time, you aren’t. There are ways to meet the one, so start today.