How to Shop End of Season Summer Clothing Sales

Tempted by all of the summer clothing sales you’re seeing at the mall and online? This is a great time to score some unheard of deals. However, before you hit the mall or pull out your credit card for an online purchase, remember there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about this. Read on for six helpful tips on how to get the best deals.

1. Time Your Shopping Appropriately

It may be tempting to hit the stores or the online retailers anytime you’ve got some rare free time, but it’s important to keep in mind that the amount of discounts you can get will vary depending on the day of the week. Available e-commerce researches shows that sales peak on Mondays and then slowly disappear throughout the week, with their lowest points on weekends (when most people have the time to hit the stores). Target shops as early as possible during the week to get the best deals.

2. Comparison Shop

With the ubiquity of smartphones, it’s easy to make sure the top you’re about to buy is marked as low as possible. You can go online to a site such as, or scan the barcode in a store with an app such as RedLaser to check the price. If it’s available for cheaper elsewhere, ask the store to price match.


3. Be a Brand Loyalist

It’s tempting to try out new designers and stores when prices are deeply discounted, but make sure you’re also visiting your tried-and-true favorites. This way you can have a greater likelihood of buying pieces you’ll wear forever, plus you already know you have a good chance of finding something you love. Love Bella Dahl? Check out this highly discounted button down from Saint Bernard that matches great with shorts in the summer and jeans in the fall/winter.

4. Don’t Get Swept Up in the Hype

Some people see red marks and can’t help but buy something, even if they’re not sure they’ll wear it. Think carefully and consider how likely it is you’ll love this piece – especially important if you’re pondering a trendy bikini you won’t get a chance to don until next summer.

5. Consider the Versatility of Pieces

Some summer items can easily transition into fall and winter wardrobes. This cute crop top is a great example – you can wear it in the summer on its own, or in the fall under a sweater at the office.

6. Take Note of Final Sales

Much of the highly discounted summer clothing is also final sale, therefore you won’t be able to return it if you decide it’s not your style. Make sure you know the return policy before you buy, or you could get stuck with an expensive piece that just ends up taking up space in your closet.

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