Incredible Ways To Change Who You Are

Occasionally, you’ll hear an age old argument. That people don’t change and essentially who we are remains the same until our final days. But we don’t think this is true at all. In fact, if you watch people, they try to change who they are and what their life is like in drastic ways every year. New Year’s resolutions are an example of this type of change. Every year, we raise our glasses and promise ourselves that this year is going to mean big changes in our lives. That could be a change in our career, our fortunes or our health. We all do this, we all make these promises to ourselves. The question is, do we ever succeed. Are there steps you can take to dramatically alter who you are? Or, do we remain the person we always were despite a perception of ourselves being altered? It’s an interesting question and one we intend to answer on this post. Here we’re going to look at the biggest steps you can take to change who you are and the impact they will have.

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You Are What You Eat

Another common statement you’ll often hear in society is that you are what you eat. You’ll often hear dieticians making this claim when they encourage people to take steps towards a more healthy lifestyle. But how true is this claim? Shockingly, it’s actually quite apt. What you eat and your overall diet affects how you look. It alters your body image dramatically, determining how fat or thin you are. This body change alters who you are. Even just perceptually, people are going to jump to conclusions about who you are based on your diet. If you’re thin, people might assume that you look after yourself. They may also make the assertion that you are an active person. It’s possible that they’ll even jump to conclusions about what you do in your spare time. If you’re fat, the opposite will be true. People will assume you’re lazy and don’t care about your body at all. That you spend your spare time in bed or watching TV. It’s important to realize that none of these assumptions are necessarily going to be true. There are fat people who exercise all the time and thin people who sleep their lives away. But your weight isn’t the only thing that your diet changes.

It alters other aspects of your body like your skin. Your skin changes depending on how many sugary snacks you eat and how much water you drink. A healthier diet leads to a clear complexion. You can find more tips on clearer skin at This type of change could lead a person to have more confidence. With more confidence in themselves, an individual’s personality could completely alter. By these changes alone it seems fair to suggest that what you eat does alter who you are. And we, haven’t even mentioned how eating healthily can alter your mood in positive ways. But this is surely going to have an impact on how you live your life as well.

Cosmetic Surgery

Of course, if you’re completely unhappy with the way you look you may seek the path of surgery. This is certainly going to affect how you look but is it going to change who you are? Again, this could be to do with confidence. You may be man in his late twenties who is already balding. This could certainly knock someone’s confidence severely enough that they look into surgery. They might check out the possibilities offered on But how much would procedures like this change who they are? Sure they might look a little different and have more confidence in themselves. At the same time though there are people who look different from others and have just as much confidence as another. In this case, it all depends on the individual and how much they invest in their own looks. On the other hand, the confidence one could gain from aesthetic surgery might still be enough to dramatically change an individual. Not just their appearance but their personality as well.

Cognitive Therapy

Then again, if you truly want to alter who you are for the better, you might consider the option of therapy. Through therapy, an individual works with a therapist to determine things in life that are holding them back. This might be a childhood trauma or an underlying concern about themselves. However, it’s these traumas and life experiences that determine who we are. We are shaped by what we go through, even at a young age. During cognitive therapy, you will reach back to the past and attempt to alter an individual’s perception of these events. If you succeed and forever change how you feel about what occurred, it’s going to have a huge impact on your life. You will be a completely different person with new life goals and altered views. We think it’s true to say that this is one of the biggest changes that you can make.


Exercise changes your life in similar ways to your diet. It can alter the way your body looks and a fit body could certainly give a person more confidence. You can find more about these types of effects on So, let’s look at a different impact exercise can have on a person. It can make someone happier and allow them to deal with the stresses of the day more effectively. While it’s true to say this isn’t going to have a profound impact on who a person is, it’s going to make them healthier. They will be more relaxed, and there will be less tension built up in their lives. Sure, it’s not going to have a massive impact like therapy, but exercise could still benefit you as a person.

A Change In Career

Finally, if there is one aspect of our lives that has a huge impact on who we are it’s our career. We spend a massive amount of our living life working, so it’s fair to say the decision we make on what we do changes who we are. If we decide to take up a career that involves helping people, we’re going to feel good about what we do in this world. If we choose monetary goals, we’ll open up new life possibilities. All these little things are going to alter who we are and how we define ourselves.

The truth is that taking any one of these steps could change who you are, for better or worse.

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