Interesting Remedies To Get Rid Of Joint Pain

If you suffer from joint problems, you will know that they come and go, but when they do pop up, you want that pain gone as soon as possible. Some of you may not want to pop a pain med though, especially because of the possible side effects that can come with taking them, and they may not even work the way you had hoped them to anyway.

Ice and heat can work wonders, but they aren’t the only option you have. Here are some more tricks that can help.

Interesting Remedies To Get Rid Of Joint PainPixabay

Don’t mind the pin.

If you don’t already know what acupuncture is, it is the act of placing very fine needles into the surface of your skin to relieve pain. It is supposed to release all the blocked up negativity, and stimulate function again. Whether or not it is down to the placebo effect, many people swear by it. So if you don’t mind a little prodding here and there, try it out and see if it helps with any of your stiffness and even back pain pain.

Interesting Remedies To Get Rid Of Joint Pain


Spice it up.

Believe it or not, but spices like hot peppers are used in topical pain relieving creams and lotions. They stimulate your pain receptors that redirect the nerves, so you don’t feel the pain that you’re suffering from in your joints.

There are also supplements that you can take that include turmeric which give your joints greater comfort in your body, making it easier to move around.

Be a mermaid.

Swimming, along with any other water aerobics can promote flexibility and strengthen up your body without high impact because it’s in water. You can increase your mobility without having to worry about the strain it is putting on your joints – because there isn’t any.

It works especially well on the lower half of your body like in your knees and hips, and you can pace yourself so you don’t end up overdoing it, although there isn’t much harm you can do other than wear yourself out.

Interesting Remedies To Get Rid Of Joint Pain


Go fish.

We all know that Omega 3 fatty acids are great for the body, but did you know they also have anti-inflammatory properties in them? These can make a big difference on the aching that you may suffer from in your joints. Fish oil supplies your joints with a coating of lubrication, meaning there is a lot less pressure when you want to move about, all while doing the other jobs around your body. So eat more fish like tuna and mackerel, and if you don’t like eating it, take the supplements instead. It’s the next best thing if you’re not willing to fishing.

Wrap it up.

If you’re suffering from pain in a specific area like your knee, for example, wrap up the joint before you go to bed, as this may decrease the swelling and the discomfort that you have. It will also prevent you from knocking your knees together while you’re asleep. When you’re up and moving in the day time, wear a knee support or brace to give you a little extra comfort while holding you in place as you walk.

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    It will also prevent you from knocking your knees together while you’re asleep. When you’re up and moving in the day time, wear a knee support or brace to give you a little extra comfort while holding you in place as you walk.

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