Life-Changing New Year’s Resolution Ideas For 2017


2016 is history. Now, everyone’s got a year-long blank slate head of them, and it’s down to you to make whatever you want of it! While choosing and sticking to new year’s resolutions comes naturally for some, many of us find it a real challenge. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few suggestions to help you out…

Something Healthy

An overwhelming majority of the resolutions I’ve heard this year have been all about health. I understand the want to set yourself apart from the crowd, but if you’re finding it hard to come up with a resolution then why not choose something health-orientated too? Your body’s the one thing you’ll always have, after all! Whether you want to quit smoking and fatty foods, up your workout regimen, or get better at a particular sport, there are all kinds of great health-orientated resolutions you can choose from. If you’re having trouble deciding, then check out this earlier post we did on improving your health in the new year. Just make sure you’re not setting the bar too high and setting yourself up to fail!

Say “Yes” More

Image source: Pixabay

If you’ve ever seen the Jim Carrey film Yes Man, you’ll know something about how much an open mind can do to change a life! Sure, that whole story was in the realm of fiction, but I and countless other people agree that it adds a certain spice to life when you stop worrying so much and just say yes! Look back on 2016. Perhaps there were a lot of concerts, sports events and nights out that you turned down for no real reason. Don’t let 2017 pass you by so easily; get out there and seize the day! It may help to reach out for some suggestions, which is easier than ever in this day and age! Bookmark a few ticket sites such as The Ticket Merchant, and check them out regularly for opportunities for unforgettable nights. Alternatively, you could join a free class or workshop, or simply ask one of your friends to introduce you to one of their interests. The world’s an incredible place; you just have to discover it!

Throw Yourself into Work

Okay, maybe you’ve got the opposite problem. Perhaps you’ve been making a point to do enjoyable, spontaneous things too much when you should have been paying more attention to your work! Yes, experiencing all the world has to offer is certainly important to make time for, but so is providing for your family! If you’ve been lagging behind at work or you know that you can achieve so much more than you have so far, 2017 could be the year when you really throw yourself into it. Try a small change to begin with, like coming into the office half an hour earlier or making a point to inject more creativity into your problem solving. Take a moment to assess the way you work now, and I’m sure you can come up with something!