Life Line Mobile Units – Bringing Modern Medicine to You


For many people, day to day life is full, from sun up to sundown. Making time in the course of a normal day to go to the doctor is practically impossible. But, with the help of a company called Lifeline Mobile, the doctor is beginning to come to you! Lifeline Mobile offers mobile physicians, diagnostic and testing facilities, dental facilities and much more. Since 1987 LifeLine Mobile has been the top-quality producer of mobile medical units.

LifeLine Mobile completely honors clients and deals with each one individually. Total focus is on the needs of the client – you won’t be treated like just another person who walked through the doors. You will be dealing with the manufacturer of your mobile medical unit, not a salesperson or a third party.

LifeLine custom crafts each model, from the first step to the last. Your mobile unit is not recrafted from a used model – it is completely new from the top to the bottom. Each unit has comfortably high ceilings, rooms that appear to be as normal as office rooms, and state of the art technology in each unit. Each unit even includes an attic for storage room as you travel from place to place delivering the finest medical care possible.

LifeLine mobile units use furnishings that are residential grade quality rather than mass-produced office furniture. Also used are the finest quality doors, flooring, appliances, wall coverings and all other facets of the unit. The unit itself accommodates patient confidentiality, access for disabled persons and the utmost in sanitation. They are made with such quality that the very first mobile unit is still in use after 25 years.

Some of the various medical mobile labs in use at this point include mobile mammography, mobile dental clinics, diagnostic labs, blood donation units, just to name a few. The efficient, top of the line technology that is used in the construction of these models allows medical professionals to perform just as though they were in a traditional brick-and-mortar facility.

Lifeline continues to improve and plan for the future. Continued research, investments financially and professionally, and continuous development insure that LifeLine Mobile will stay in touch with the future needs of patients everywhere. Leading edge technology will allow for more mobility, less fuel usage and much more. The goal is to provide top quality medical care to all and to address all challenges in the process. Go to today and request your free guide.