Menopausal Symptoms: 5 Great Tips to Help You Deal With

We all want to safeguard our health and continue to keep it in good order throughout our lives. However, it is a sad truth that all human women will go through menopause at some point in their lives. It truly is the thread that connects all of us, though with inconvenient and occasionally painful symptoms. If you are going through the ‘change of life’, use these tips to see what causes the most common symptoms of menopause and how you can alleviate them.

  1. Document Your Frequent Hot Flashes

If you frequently experience temperature fluctuations in your body, you may be suffering the most common symptom of menopause. It is important to document your hot flashes, to see what can trigger them. For many women, it is a chemical like caffeine or alcohol. Once you have isolated the catalyst, it becomes easier to avoid it. 

Use a few mental exercises to deal with the discomfort of your hot flashes. When you start to feel one coming on, take some slow breathes from deep in your diaphragm. Remember to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. This should make them less intense and stressful for you.

  1. Take Supplements to Get Your Sleep Schedule Back on Track

A lot of women have trouble sleeping when they are going through menopause. while yoga and meditation can help to put you in a restful mood, talk to your doctor about starting to take a regimen of natural menopause supplements. Many supplements are designed to shore up your body’s stores of natural, crucial nutrients that it already has. Many people, for example, take a calcium supplement to add to the calcium their body can create. 

This helps bones to grow and makes them stronger, guarding against osteoporosis and similar diseases. Similarly, it is often taken to lessen the effects of hot flashes. It is particularly good at lessening the effect of very strong ones. Your doctor can recommend a supplement to take for a better night’s sleep.

  1. Get Comfortable for Relief From Headaches

Much as you did to recognize the causes for your hot flashes, you will want to document the circumstances around each headache. From a small twinge of pain to a full migraine, the majority of headaches can be attributed to one cause. By recognizing and cutting this causal ingredient out of your life, you will feel a lot better. If you tend to get headaches that come with crippling pain, you may want to speak to your doctor about prescribing something stronger. 

By cutting out the triggering agents and coupling that with meditation or tai-chi, your headaches will be gone almost entirely.

  1. Use Gentle Products to Eliminate Hair Loss

A lot of women experience the growth of excess hair in new places during menopause, while others begin to lose hair from their head. To save your hair, switch to products that are guaranteed to be gentle, with no strange chemicals or strong alcohols. Wear a hat whenever you are outside because the sun can really dry your hair out. If you would like to get rid of unwelcome hair that has recently sprouted, consider waxing or shaving. Your dermatologist can recommend the safest course of action for you to take. 

Some things can be done at home, but others will require you to seek professional service. If you generally use colouring agents on your hair, they may contain chemicals that are too harsh for your hair. Switch to gentler ones, without overpowering fragrance or unpronounceable chemicals.

  1. Challenge Your Brain to Fight Through the Mental Fog

Menopause not only comes with rapid mood changes, but it can be difficult to stay focused on a task, and you feel less sharp than before, almost like there is a fog gumming up the works of your brain. The best way to combat this is to challenge yourself. Take up a stimulating new hobby, invest time into learning to cook a new cuisine or start learning a new skill. 

It is also helpful to reduce your stress. A book of word puzzles or number puzzles is a great way to accomplish all of these at the same time. If you find that you are forgetting a lot of things, just know that memory issues can point to a larger problem and it is a good idea to have a conversation about them with your doctor.

Dealing with the symptoms that usually go along with menopause will make a lot of women dread getting older, but you do not have to just put up with them. Menopause is just a fact of life, it will affect all of us. Use these handy tips to gain some much-needed relief from the symptoms that make you suffer.

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